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What features must NVR standalone include?

Posted by Jasonsmi on Sun, 01/16/2011 - 00:04

 in the beginning of 2011 i talked with my Japanese SI friends, 
he told me that they are using the QNAP NVRstandalone especially impressed by its local display function, 

he told me how much cost he saved by excluding a PC at local site in the retail stores, 
i agreed, and actually i am planning to bid a project by using QNAP. 

however, what other features you think the most important for a NVR standalone, for retail markets?

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 the back-end management

 the back-end management software is also essential for retail, the management level may use this to allocate resource and evaluate the efficiency.. the qnap you're mentionning have these features if my memory didn't deceive me..


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