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Reducing Violence in the Workplace: Developing an Effective Internal Prevention Program

Mar 19, 2014
Studies show that workers in all industries are regularly subjected to work place violence ranging from minor physical abuse to large scale incidents. A panel of experts representing the legal, human resources and security personnel perspectives will share their unique viewpoints on what causes workplace violence and the steps every company should take to help reduce incidents. Security industry executives will learn how to identify warning signs, important steps to developing internal policies and the best procedural elements including who should be a part of your internal threat assessment team.

Security Operations – From Convergence to Metrics, Data Analytics and Visualization

Apr 10, 2013
A systematic approach to security information/transaction convergence. This webinar will use industry research to discuss the importance of the security layer in enforcing access policies and procedures, the shift from grids to data visualization, applying advanced data analytics, and leveraging effective feedback on any applied countermeasure or corrective action.

Video Surveillance in all Lighting Conditions Event

Mar 06, 2013
Whether you’re responsible for the security of a critical infrastructure site, corporate office park or government facility, chances are there’s an area of your facility where lighting is less than ideal for video surveillance. Add in long winter nights with more than 14 hours of darkness, and the issues associated with securing these spaces are compounded. Standard cameras can be challenged by vast dark spaces at energy or water processing plants and low light in warehouses, parking lots and other areas. This can obscure the details in your video streams and hamper threat detection.

Security Outsourcing: Delivering Complex Solutions through a Single Point of Contact Event

Aug 28, 2012
Driven by both external and internal challenges, organizations are seeking business strategies and solutions to reduce capital expenditures, meet compliance and regulatory mandates, incorporate new technology, improve the predictability of operating expenses and focus limited resources on core business objectives. Outsourcing services enables the delivery of complex solutions through a single point of contact. While many companies offer solutions that can streamline workflows a la carte, few have the sophisticated infrastructure and breadth of experience and knowledge to offer end- to-end program management. Finding a security integrator that demonstrates its expertise in delivering channel management outsourcing services that frees up staff to focus on core business objectives, while showcasing its security competencies is key to a successful strategy.

The Future is Calling: NFC Technology Turns Smart Phones into Secure Credentials

Jun 20, 2012
Near Field Communications (NFC) technology is about to revolutionize the access control industry. Over the next few years, it will be possible to create, use and manage secure identity on NFC-enabled smartphones. Early adopters in Europe are already showing the way. Smartphone users will soon have a single, ubiquitous device that provides physical access to their home and workplace, and secure access to their PCs and corporate networks.

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