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Posted by jeffreydizon on Fri, 10/26/2012 - 12:32

We are MBA students at Seattle University who are working on a class consulting project for a local manufacturer.

We are trying to gather information on the need for individual 24/7 workstations/consoles in specific vertical markets.  These consoles are highly ergonomic units with the ability to support multiple systems and monitor screens and allow employees to work long shifts at peak efficiency.  These system are currently installed at 911 dispatch centers and we are seeking to determine their viability in other environments. We identified security operation centers, network operation centers, utilities and transportation as possible markets where these consoles can be utilized, typically in a control room setting. We are looking for contacts to people familiar with these industries and the particular needs of their operations centers to determine if such consoles would be of value.
We have a short online survey (10 questions) to gather specific information on console needs for these operation centers.  Surveys can be returned anonymously, all we need are a few key demographics to categorize responses.  As a network related to the security operations industry, we were hoping to gather great feedback. 
The link to our short survey:
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Jeff, Ron & Mark


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