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TSA Must Ask for Public Comment on Use of Whole Body Scanners

- A circuit court has ruled that the Transportation Security Administration must give the public a chance to comment on the use of whole body scanners and take those comments into consideration in crafting a final rule.

Afternoon Security Brief: Airport Breaches, Wi-Fi Security, Baggage Screening, and More

- Thousands of breaches at U.S. airports have occurred. A man who hacked his neighbor's Wi-Fi network and planted child porn on his computer is sentenced. A judge orders agencies to produce Secure Communities data. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Pakistan Nukes Secure, TSA Pat-Down Policy Revised, Cartel Leader Captured

- State Department says Pakistan nukes are safe. TSA pat-downs for children scaled back. Cartel leader captured. And more.

GAO Assesses Physical Security at General Aviation Airports

- Lack of standardized physical security measures at general aviation airports across the country could allow intruders to commandeer planes, presenting a terrorism risk, the Government Accountability Office reports.

Morning Security Brief: Insecure ID Tokens, Homeland Security Turf Battles, Drug Lord Defenses, and More.

- RSA replacing SecureID tokens, admits breach compromised systems. What's really driving cuts in funding for airport screeners? How Mexican drug lords are adapting. Intelligence-led policing gets attention in Florida. And the effort to train Libyan rebels is spotlighted.

Screeners No Longer Isolated

- TSA screening operators will no longer have to be isolated from passengers when using automated target recognition software due to increased privacy controls on the machines, reports Government Security News.

RAND: Trusted Traveler Program Should Result in Security Benefits

- Even if terrorists rush to apply for a trusted traveler program and some get accepted, commercial flights would still be more secure than if no trusted traveler program existed, concludes RAND.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Aviation Security

- A bill (H.R. 685) introduced by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) would make it illegal to record or distribute images obtained from security screening technology used in an airport or government building. Exceptions would be made for images being used in a criminal investigation or prosecution.

Screening's Red Herrings

- The limits of human perception make it difficult for airport screeners to spot threats. Researchers aim to test those limits and find ways to improve performance.

Travel Association Launches Grassroots Campaign for a Trusted Traveler Program

- The U.S. Travel Association is launching a national grassroots campaign to urge Congress to implement a trusted traveler program.

Study: Training, Group Dynamics Critical in Airport Security Decision-Making

- Only a third of European airport staff report being trained to spot security threats, and only a quarter said they frequently alert authorities when they see suspicious activity, according to the first findings of a research project aimed at developing more effective security training programs.

Backscatter Safety Questions Persist

- Public criticism of new airport screening technology has often put the focus on privacy, but health risks are also being raised as a concern.

Travel Group Says Enough of "One-Size-Fits-All" Airport Security Model

- A blue-ribbon panel of experts has called on the federal government to reform its "reactionary" and "one-size-fits-all" approach to aviation security, according to a report issued by the U.S. Travel Association last week.

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