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Security Trend Lines

- U.S. Biometric Access Control Market in millions of dollars.

Jargon Watch

- Demystifying terms used in the security industry

Hospital Safety Not Child’s Play

- Children's Mercy Hospital and Clinics has upgraded its access control procedures to ensure that  its young patients can safely receive the care they need.

Two Studies Examine Fingerprinting

- In turns out that left and right differ even in the mundane world of fingerprint analysis.

Faking Fingerprints and Eying Solutions

- With biometrics like fingerprints and iris scans eyed for use in government-issued IDs such as passports, efforts to assess their ability to discern faked images are underway.

Smart Cards

- The Corporate IT Outlook for 2007, a new report from research firm EQUS, looks at the reasons that increasing numbers of companies are implementing smart cards while few plan to implement biometrics.

Convergence: Smart Cards Versus Biometrics

- The convergence of biometrics and smart cards.

Five Not-So-Easy Pieces

- Eager to stay on the cutting edge of technology and remain a trusted supplier to government, this contractor overhauled its security system at five main sites.

Convergence: Merging Access Controls

- Merging physical and logical access controls.

Decoding Encryption Policy

- In the summer of 1995, a French student cracked a forty-bit key in eight days using 120 workstations and a few supercomputers.

Campus Access Controlled

- The University of Pittsburgh integrates new access control hardware and sofware into existing electronic systems.

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