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Security Market Trends

- Industrial Electroic Security Market chart.

Sizing Up IP

- What issues are raised when security wants to install an IP-based CCTV system? We asked security and IT professionals for their thoughts, and found only a few areas of concern.


- 6 Percentage of organizations able to provide new employees access to all required applications and systems on their first day of work, highlighting the inefficiency of identity access and management practices, according to a study conducted by Computer Associates.

Smart Solutions to Security Problems

- A historic New York university installs modern access control in new dorms.

You Be the Judge

- Courthouse security gets spotlighted by the media after an incident occurs, but are courts making sure that security shines even when reporters aren’t looking?

License Plates Drive Video Improvements

- License plates drive video improvements, hurricane lessons, imposters in hospitals, susceptibility to fraud, and more

Business News

- Dispatches from the corporate front, and a preview of educational sessions in San Diego this month.

Preventing Wanderlust in Patients

- Hospitals and assisted-care facilities face the growing challenge of ensuring that patients with dementia can’t wander off the property and come to harm.

Putting Muscle into Access Control

- A 24-hour health club uses antitailgating devices as a way to exorcise freeloaders.

Security Not Spartan at MSU

- Security is anything but Spartan at Michigan State University. Find out how its police department originally set out to protect its campus from fire and ended up installing a large access control system.

Border Measures at Cross Purposes

- The obsession with the Mexican border is only one of the holes in our border net. Another is that we can’t really ID people at border checkpoints.

Security Trend Lines

- Card-Based Access Control Demand in million of dollars

Business News

- A strategic alliance by Siemens Communications, Mount Sinai Medical Center and Elmhurst Hospital Center is using smart card technology

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