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The Mark Center Makes Its Mark

- Learn how a new consolidated Department of Defense facility, the Mark Center, is setting the bar for physical security that will likely be adopted for other high-security buildings as well.

Case Study

- Allen County, Ohio, wanted to control access rights and to track any changes in the system. A software program helped IT address these data security concerns.

Managing: How to Control Cards

- Access control should be set up as a layered system with rights granted depending on the actual access needs of each user.

Case Study: Security Comes With the Lease

- The owners of a luxury apartment building in California make robust security a selling point.

Case Study: Security Comes With the Lease

- The owners of a luxury apartment building in California make robust security a selling point.

Safely Connecting Computing Devices

- How a network access control solution is helping a university safely connect new kinds of computing devices and operating systems.

Morning Security Brief: Ft. Hood Security, Tainted Cocaine, No Facebook for Prisoners, and More

- Ft. Hood security reverts back to military police. No more Facebook for inmates. Stuxnet explained. And more.

One Card to Rule Them All

- Missouri Southern State University is transitioning from traditional keys and locks to a single card that students and staff can use for campus access.

Morning Security Brief: Infrastructure Vulnerability, Fake Inspectors, and More

- New ways to hack into critical infrastructure. Oklahoma officials want drone-designated airspace. TSA warns about persons impersonating rail inspectors. And more.

Worth a Look: LastPass

- So many passwords -- A free software helps make managing them easier and more secure.

Ditching Decals Won't Affect Base Security, Officials Say

- There’s been some buzz this week among military communities after military officials announced earlier this month that they were doing away with vehicles decals at Ft. Benning, Georgia. Officials say having a decal makes service members and their families targets for violence. But now that the decals are gone, what changes can service members expect from base security?

Controlling Access System Performance

- Access control systems cannot live up to return-on-investment expectations if they are poorly managed and infrequently audited.

Rise of the Anti-Ram Vehicle Barrier

- After 9-11, anti-ram vehicle barriers became a necessity for buildings in high-risk areas. Here is a brief overview of what issues companies and organizations face when deciding whether anti-ram vehicle barriers are appropriate for their new facility. (Online exclusive)

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