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Security Never Sleeps: Special Seminar Issue of Dynamics

- A special issue of Dynamics devoted to ASIS International's 55th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Days of Enlightenment

- In an age of information, security professionals understand the value of gaining the type of knowledge on offer at the annual ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits. Here's a sampling of this year's highlights.

Industry News

- ASIS teams up with other associations to issue a workplace violence standard and collaborate on risk management issues. Joy Creasy, PSP, discusses her company's support of certifications.

Industry News

- ASIS International releases its first American National Standard, which addresses how companies can develop a chief security officer (CSO) position, and Lisa Dolan, CPP, is profiled.

International Security Programs

- A new benchmark study sponsored by the Security Executive Council collected information on international security programs. Security leaders can use it to compare and improve their programs. Read a summary report of the first-stage findings online.

Industry News

- ASIS participates in drafting new national security standards, three new board members are elected, and Werner Cooreman, CPP, PSP, is profiled.

Security Lessons Learned

- Highlights from the keynote speakers and educational sessions of the ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Brokaw Talks About America's Search for a Balance between Freedom and Security

- "We’re still struggling to find the balance between freedom and the new security considerations," said NBC's Tom Brokaw during his keynote address at the ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits.

Certification Profile

- This month's certification profile is Keith Blowe, CPP.

Learning from Industry Leaders

- The ASIS International 54th Annual Seminar and Exhibits will present more than 175 education sessions; here's an advance look at a few of them.

Cybersecurity Vendors Form Alliance

- A dozen security IT vendors have established the Cyber Security Industry Alliance with the aim of improving cybersecurity "through public policy initiatives, public sector partnerships, corporate outreach, academic programs, alignment behind emerging industry technology standards, and public education."

Statistical analysis

- A recent workshop on that topic, sponsored by the National Research Council (NRC), discussed specific ways in which math experts could help the cause of deterring attacks. "Mathematics, operations research statistics, and computer science provide the fundamental tools for extracting relevant information from the flood of data of all types that our senses receive," Peter Bickel, chair of the NRC's Board on Mathematical Sciences and Applications, told the attendees

National Institutes of Health Report Fails to Analyze Lab Risks

- A National Institutes of Health draft report on risks associated with a proposed biocontainment laboratory is not credible, according to the National Academies.

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