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AeroMexico Plane Hijacked by Three Men; Lands in Mexico City Safely

- BREAKING: Mexican media reports three men have siezed a passenger plane and threatened to blow it up unless they are allowed to meet with Mexican President Felipe Calderon, according to a breaking Reuters report.

Saudi Suicide Bomber Hid IED in His Anal Cavity

- An affiliate of al Qaeda has taken a page from the drug mule's playbook, hiding an improvised explosive device (IED) in the anal cavity of a suicide bomber who detonated himself in late August in Saudi Arabia, reports the Australian Associated Press (AAP).

Streamlining Air Passenger Security Screening

- A new study says passenger screening could be improved by separating travelers into two lines: one for low-risk passengers and the other for high-risk passengers.

Obsession with 9/11 Leaves Commercial Carriers Vulnerable, Says Pilot

- The obsession with preventing another improbable 9/11-style attack has left the nation's commercial air traffic more vulnerable to terrorism, argues a pilot.

Travelers Provide Airlines with Birth Date and Gender Starting Saturday

- Starting Saturday, some travelers will begin providing their birth date and sex when booking airline reservations.

Black Boxes to Get Back-up Battery

- Black box flight recorders, which help investigators determine how a plane crash happened, are set to get a long-needed upgrade to ensure proper functioning during a crash: back-up batteries.

DHS IG Says General Aviation Does Not Present Serious Terrorist Threat

- A new report from the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General (OI) says terrorist threats to general aviation are "limited and mostly hypothetical" and are not sufficient to increase government regulation.

House Votes to Limit Whole-Body Imaging at Airports

- The House of Representatives on Friday said no to the Transportation Security Administration's efforts to introduce whole-body imaging machines as the primary screening technology at the nation's airports.

Air Cargo Screening

- Is the August 2010 deadline for 100 percent cargo screening feasible? The Transportation Security Administration and the air cargo sector remain skeptical. The U.S. Government Accountability Office recently examined progress and obstacles.

Cargo Security Deadline in Doubt

- The aviation industry might miss the 2010 mark for screening all air cargo, despite already meeting preliminary deadlines.

Report: Federal Freight Rail Security Must Go Beyond Hazmats

- The Transportation Security Administration must also emphasize physical assets and cybersecurity, while measuring mitigation efforts, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Dept. of Transportation: Air Traffic Control Systems Have Been Hacked

- Hackers have breached air traffic control (ATC) systems multiple times, a report conducted by the Department of Transportation informed the Federal Aviation Administration.

Global Security on Track

- A new cross-Atlantic alliance between Amtrak and the British Transport Police hopes to collaborate and cooperate on security and counterterrorism practices.

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