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Every Man For Himself: Research Says Women and Children Less Likely to Survive a Shipwreck

- Two researchers from Uppsala University in Sweden found that men are more likely to survive a shipwreck than women and cruise ship staff more likely to survive than passengers.


- A bill (H.R. 3173) that would alter the application and distribution process for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) has been approved by the House Homeland Security Committee. The House of Representatives has not announced whether it will consider the bill.

Rail Safety

- Learn about rail industry programs to facilitate reporting of safety and security problems at the Citizens for Rail Security and Protect the Line Web sites.

Surface Transportation

- A report from the Mineta Transportation Institute analyzes case studies of terrorist attacks against surface transportation targets, including what time of day terrorists tend to strike.

Random Acts of Protection

- Flexible, fast, and mobile, with multiple skills, VIPR teams hope that their random deployments are helping to keep terrorists from successfully attacking transit targets in the United States.

Trends in Terrorism Targets

- Surface transportation systems remain a target for terrorists, leading researchers to study such attacks to determine which deterrents are most successful.

Agencies Release Guidance for Mass Casualty Events

- A 170-page guide provides a template for emergency responders to build plans to prepare and react for mass casualty events.

Hacker Working to Warn Airlines About Network Security Vulnerabilities

- A UK-based hacker is working to warn major airlines of a vulnerability that allows access to sensitive information, but the companies he claims to have hacked say they have no evidence of a breach.

U.S. Security's Expanded Presence in Airports Abroad

- Various countries have given the United States permission to place security officers in the country's airports; the officers have been given the authority to detail passengers, carry weapons, and pull people off of flights.

New Report Examines Resiliency of U.S. Transportation Systems

- A new report from a prominent bipartisan think tank questions the resiliency of the U.S. transportation system and the global supply chain if a major terrorist attack occurred.

Morning Security Brief: Stuxnet’s Origin Story, Chinatown Buses Shut Down, DOJ Sues Casino for Documentary Practices, and More

- Stuxnet was created by the U.S. and Israel as part of a cyber campaign against Iran. The Feds target the curbside bus industry after a wave of crashes. The DOJ sues a casino for treating noncitizens differently than U.S. citizen employees. And more.

Passenger Screening

- Read through a PowerPoint presentation explaining the International Air Transport Association’s vision for the “Checkpoint of the Future.”

Watch List

- A Malaysian national may challenge her inclusion on the U.S. government’s No-Fly List, according to a federal appeals court. The plaintiff, ruled the court, has significant ties to the United States as a university professor who lectures and travels extensively. The court ruled that the plaintiff has the right to try and establish that she does not belong on the government watch list.

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