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Quick Bytes: ID theft basics.

- Here are some recommended basic steps to better protect yourself from identity theft.(The first, from the U.K. telecom company BT, explains how criminals steal identities, what ISPs and other organizations are doing to help consumers, and what the future holds. The second, from the Liberty Alliance Project, shows how stolen identities are converted into money.)

Vocal Terrorism

- Synthetic voice technology could lead to identity theft and other ills say British scientists.

Trouble on the Line

- Find out how your company can benefit from Internet phone communications, called VoIP, while avoiding the risks

Data Retention

- The European Union has approved a new directive that would require telecommunications companies in member states to retain data generated by electronic communications—though the content of the communications may not be collected—to aid law enforcement in combating serious crimes. @ For more information on the directive, visit Security Management Online.


- A bill (H.B. 58) under consideration in the Hawaii House of Representatives would make it a felony to broker or sell customer information acquired from a telecommunication provider.

Interoperability Standards Stalled?

- Stalled standards for interoperable communications.


- 6 The number of U.S. metropolitan areas—of 75 surveyed—that received high marks for communications interoperability. The top-ranking areas identified in the survey were Columbus, Ohio; Laramie County, Wyoming; Minneapolis-St. Paul; San Diego; Sioux Falls, South Dakota; and Washington, D.C.

Intelligence Support Systems: Technologies for Lawful Intercepts

- Intelligence Support Systems avoids most of the policy debate on wiretaps, otherwise known as legal intercepts, instead focusing on technological, administrative, managerial, legal, and logistical aspects.

Consumer Data Protection

- The FCC orders telecoms to implement more stringent safeguards to protect consumer data. Safeguards include password verification before providing records by phone.

Protecting Phone Records

- Legislative efforts to protect phone records from pretext-ing.

iPhone Security Flaws Exposed

- A team of computer security consultants, according to The New York Times, has found a significant security flaw in one of the hottest items this summer: Apple's iPhone.

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