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Ad Hoc Networks: A Key to Disaster Communications?

- Researchers and technology companies believe wireless, mobile ad hoc networks could help communication in a disaster or war zone.

Security Rocks

- Organizers of a one-day music festival chose a wireless mesh surveillance system to protect patrons.

Too Much Information?

- Cell phone providers participating in a government program will be able to notify subscribers of emergencies via text messages.

Phone Authentication: A Good Call?

- Many companies are turning to user-friendly phone authentication as it becomes cheaper and easier to implement.

Google Bars Incitement-to-Violence Terrorist Videos from YouTube

- Responding to pressure from Sen. Joe Lieberman (ID-CT), Google has changed the guidelines for what is permitted on YouTube to bar videos that incite others to violence. The goal is to prevent posting of terrorist recruitment videos.

Speaking Privately

- A construction company began encrypting its VoIP communications after losing a major contract due to corporate espionage.

Zero tolerance

- (Sprint/United Management Company v. NLRB, No. 17-CA-21603, 2003)

Red Cross Tests Web 2.0 System

- The Red Cross tested updates using the web site during the California wildfires.

Did You Know That?

- Citizens in New Mexico, California, Minnesota, and elsewhere have recently been targeted by identity thieves who call them on the telephone and claim to be court personnel. These scam artists threaten to issue a warrant for failure to comply with jury service, then ask for personal information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, and employment data.

A Site to See

- The wireless protocol named Bluetooth is enjoying growing popularity in part due to regulations around the world that require drivers to use hands-free headsets when they’re on the phone. Automobile manufacturers have begun building these units into new models, and do-it-yourself kits abound; but unfortunately, they’re not always configured securely.

A VoIP in the Wilderness

- Voice over IP (VoIP) is becoming increasingly popular as corporations learn they can use their broadband infrastructure to save money on phone bills. But the potential threats from VoIP are still unclear, and companies trying to save a buck could find that they’ve exposed themselves to far greater problems.

VoIP Risk

- The FDIC has issued a report that examines security risks associated with voice over IP (VoIP).

Cell Networks Evolve Into Data Networks

- Wireless continuity between access points, Web 2.0 under increasing attack, local weather updates, and more

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