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FCC Seeks Input on National Public Safety Broadband System for First Responders

- Federal regulators are looking for stakeholder input on how to establish a reliable, secure, and interoperable national public safety broadband network.

Voice Over IP Security

- As more and more businesses opt for Voice over IP, learn how to implement the technology safely while understanding its weaknesses.

Quick Bytes

- Executives fear voice interception of employees.

U.S Congressional Legislation: Communications

- A bill (S. 251) introduced by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), which is designed to prohibit prisoners from using smuggled cell phones, has been approved by the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee. The Senate has not announced whether it will consider the bill. The provision would allow corrections officials to petition the government to use wireless jamming devices. (Currently, any interference with wireless services is illegal.)

Listening Through Walls

- Consumer telecommunications technology could help government agencies improve the interoperability of their emergency communications systems.

ELF Topples Two Radio Towers Outside of Seattle

- Environmental extremists have laid claim to toppling two radio towers last week outside of Seattle, reports the Associated Press.

U.S. and Mexico Sign Agreement to Build Public Security Communications Network

- The United States government announced a bilateral agreement with Mexico today that will create a public security communications network to bolster border security between the two countries.

Amid U.K. Controversy, Analyst Shares Phone Security Tips

- The best way to secure a phone’s voice mail box is to use strong PINs and hope your phone company's employees are smart and trustworthy, according to a security analyst.

Plain Language Not a Communications Panacea

- Many emergency response agencies have switched from code talk to plain language because of the 2006 National Incident Management System Alert, but what's plain language to one agency isn't plain language to another.

New VoIP Encryption Challenges

- Law enforcement officials worldwide have expressed frustration at their inability to tap encrypted VoIP communications and a new encryption product may add to it.


- The National Emergency Communications Plan lays out the Department of Homeland Security’s goals and deadlines for advancing interoperable voice communication among different first-response agencies and jurisdictions, building on the agency’s Interoperability Continuum.

New Zealand Telecoms Hire Teenage Hacker to Bolster IT Security

- New Zealand's second largest telecommunications company has hired a hacking wunderkind, responsible for writing a multimillion dollar-generating botnet infiltration program, to help senior executives understand cybersecurity issues.

Tracking Wireless Devices

- New technology adapted from methods used to pinpoint 911 callers could help thwart terrorists.

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