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Identity Theft: The Number One Consumer Complaint in 2011

- Identity theft was the number one consumer complaint in 2011 and the Electronic Frontier Foundation releases a new version of a Web tool to combat information mining.

PBS Pushes Next-Gen Emergency Alerts

- A new program will allow broadcasters to send emergency alerts directly to smartphones and other mobile devices.

Worth a Look: iHound

- Associate editor John Wagley reviews an inexpensive application for tracking Apple and Android devices.

HHS Lists Top Disaster Apps For First Responders and the Public

- The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Disaster Information Research Center has published a list of recommended smartphone apps and mobile optimized Web sites to put disaster information at the fingertips of both first responders and the public.

Security of Mobile Communications

- Security of Mobile Communications provides detailed information on many aspects of communications security and would be valuable even to nontechnical security managers.

Emergency Communications

- Social media creates a revolutionary tool for communicating information, gaining situational awareness, and forging networks of mutual aid during a disaster, asserts the Center for National Policy in a new report.

FEMA Says Alert System Test Yielded Positive, Unexpected Results

- Things didn’t go exactly as planned with FEMA’s emergency alert test earlier this month, but despite its shortcomings--including some of the public not getting any alerts at all--FEMA, the FCC, and NOAA agree the test was a success.

First Amendment

- A federal appeals court ruled that a district court violated the public’s First Amendment right of access when it banned the media from covering the sentencing of a notorious drug cartel leader for security reasons. The court ruled that the press and public must have notice and an opportunity to respond to decisions about closed hearings, even of potentially violent criminals.

Unmanned Vehicle GPS Developers Express Concerns About LightSquared

- Last week LightSquared sent a letter to the the FCC blaming the GPS industry for interference problems that could come from its proposed broadband towers. This week the GPS industry responded.

LightSquared Tells FCC the GPS Industry Is to Blame for Interference

- The gloves come off for LightSquared in the fight to establish a nationwide broadband network. Initial tests of their system showed it would interfere with GPS signals. Weeks after being slammed at a congressional hearing in Washington, D.C., LightSquared has filed a letter with the FCC saying it’s not the company's fault GPS signals are affected.

Morning Security Brief: Counter-Meth Funding Cuts, Prison Cell Phones, HIPAA, and More

- Meth investigations come to a halt after federal funding is cut. Louisiana prisons consider a plan to block cell phone signals. An Android app lets you wipe your phone remotely. And more.

Get Smart: Simple Security Precautions to Secure Company Smartphones

- Some simple security precautions and user policies can help companies protect the devices from malware and other threats.

U.S. Congressional Legislation: Communications

- A bill (H.R. 1258) would make it illegal to cause any caller ID service to transmit misleading or inaccurate caller identification, known as “spoofing,” with intent to defraud or deceive. The bill has been approved by the House of Representatives. The Senate has announced that it will consider the bill.

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