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Two in Three Teens Have Tried Hacking, Study Finds

- A recent survey from IT security firm Panda Security found that a little over two out of three teenagers have attempted to hack into their friends' online accounts, reports SC Magazine.

Drug Testing

- A school board’s random drug testing policy is unconstitutional, ruled a federal district court. The court found that the school board’s rationalization—that employees held safety-sensitive jobs and that drug use among workers was increasing—was insufficient to justify the policy.

86 Percent of Public Schools Reported Crimes in '05-'06 School Year

- Eighty-six percent of public schools reported at least one or more crimes in the 2005-2006 school year, according to new statistics on indicators of school crime and safety.

10 Years After Columbine, Schools Not Doing the Little Things

- While schools worry about declining security funds, a recent survey found that they are not doing the conventional, low-cost things that keep their buildings' safe.

State Legislation: Arizona: Background Screening

- A bill (H.B. 2031) introduced in the Arizona House of Representatives would require that third-party contractors, subcontractors, and vendors working in public schools submit to background screening and a federal fingerprint check before being allowed to work on school property. Those who pass the background screening would be required to carry a fingerprint clearance card while on school grounds.

State Legislation: Florida: Bulllying

- A new Florida law (formerly H.B. 669) prohibits all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying, at public primary schools in the state. Under the law, schools must adopt an antibullying policy and procedures for dealing with complaints of bullying. All complaints must be investigated promptly and each incident must be included in reports to the state education department.

Drug Testing for Teachers?

- Should teachers be subjected to random drug testing? That's a debate currently circulating through the U.S. court system, notes a Time analysis of the issue.

Quick Bytes: Bad Education

- About one-third of data breaches occur in the educational sector, according to a study by Madison, Wisconsin-based J. Campana & Associates, yet the industry comprises less than 1 percent of total organizations.

Man with Painted Face Kills Two Babies and One Adult at Belgium Nursery

- A man with a painted white face and blackened eyes walked into a Belgian nursery today and slaughtered two children and one adult with a knife, according to various media reports.

Virginia Tech Victim Was Decapitated, Say Police

- What was originally reported as a stabbing death at Virginia Tech has turned into something much more gruesome: the killer, Haiyang Zhu, decapitated his fellow female graduate student with a kitchen knife.

Another Murder at Virginia Tech; Mass Notification System Successful

- Nearly two years after the massacre at Virginia Tech, another violent tragedy has struck the Blacksburg, Virginia, campus.

Combining Town and Gown

- Universities have gone from shutting the surrounding community out to working with it to decrease crime and make the campus a more desirable place to be.

Study of Bullies' Brains Shows Enjoyment of Inflicting Pain

- Bullies may get pleasure from the pain they inflict on bullies. That's the finding of a study reported in the current issue of the journal Biological Psychology,according to The National Science Foundation.

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