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- A Pennsylvania couple has filed a class-action lawsuit against the Lower Merion School District on behalf of their teenage son and all other district high school students. According to the complaint, the school district spied on their son and other students using a two-way Webcam that was incorporated into school-issued laptops.

Schooled in Preparedness

- A federal grant allowed the East Aurora (Illinois) School District to create and implement a top-notch all-hazards emergency management plan.

Senate Hearing Weighs Closing Video Surveillance Loophole

- Lawmakers examined whether a decades-old wiretapping statute needs revision in light of a suburban Philadelphia high school that allegedly used a webcam to spy on a student.

School Police Officers Allegedly Beat High School Student for Being Late

- Outraged parents and a national civil rights organization are demanding an investigation into allegations made by a Philadelphia high school junior that two school police officers beat him for being late to school, according to

Revised VT Report Exposes New Details of Shooting

- A newly revised version of Virginia's official report on the Virginia Tech massacre provides new details on how police and university officials responded to the initial discovery of the first two shooting victims, reports The New York Times.

Security Guards Protect Against Teen Suicide at Railroad Crossing

- A rash of teen suicides has led the Palo Alto Police Department to hire private security to patrol a train crossing where the suicides occurred reports The San Jose Mercury News.

State Legislation: North Carolina: School Security

- A new North Carolina law (formerly A.B. 1327) would allow law enforcement agencies to communicate intelligence about criminal activity to school systems if the activity presents imminent danger to the life of a student or employee of the school.

State Legislation: North Carolina: School Violence

- A new law (formerly S.B. 526) in North Carolina requires public schools to establish programs to prevent bullying and harassment. The law requires schools to address physical, verbal, and electronic harassment and to implement procedures for reporting, investigating, and preventing such behavior. The new law states that having an unpopular viewpoint does not constitute bullying or harassment.


- Bullying among children is on the decline throughout Europe and North America, according to a study of data collected over more than a decade. The findings are reported in an article in the International Journal of Public Health.

Countries See Bullying Drop

- A new study published in a leading public health journal finds that bullying among children has declined in many countries.

Pakistan Shuts Down Schools After Suicide Bombings, Increases Security Amid Terrorism Fears

- The Pakistani government has closed the country's schools to protect educational institutions after twin suicide bombings ripped through the International Islamic University (IIU) earlier this week.

Chicago Public School System's Anti-Violence Plan Pins Its Hope on Data Analysis

- The head of Chicago's public school system, Ron Huberman, is hoping data analysis can do what traditional security policies could not: protect those students most at risk of becoming victims of violent crime and then flood them with adult supervision, reports The New York Times.

Philadelphia-Area Schools Invest in Sex Offender Screening Software

- School districts in the Philadelphia area are installing a visitor tracking software solution to screen out sex offenders and other undesireables to prevent them from gaining access to their school buildings' hallways and classrooms, reports The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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