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Dial “O” for an Open Door

- While a new technology that could turn smartphones into access control devices looks promising, a recent pilot program reveals complications.

Dial “O” for an Open Door

- While a new technology that could turn smartphones into access control devices looks promising, a recent pilot program reveals complications.

Social Media

- A student who created a MySpace page to ridicule another student is not protected by the First Amendment. A federal appeals court ruled that the school’s discipline of the student was permissible because “the student used the Internet to orchestrate a targeted attack on a classmate.” Other courts have ruled that students’ social media postings are protected so long as they do not cause disruptions and are created off school property.

Social Media

- A university did not violate a mortuary science student’s rights to free speech when it sanctioned her for writing that she wanted to “stab a certain someone in the throat” on her Facebook page. The court found that the student’s posts could be construed as serious threats and that the university had the right to address potentially threatening conduct.

Police Release Name of Officer Killed at Virginia Tech

- Deriek W. Crouse, a 39-year-old husband,father of five children and four-year veteran was killed Thursday afternoon by a gunman who’s name has yet to be released.

Animal Rights Extremists Target Medical Students

- Hoping to persuade research students to abandon careers involving animal testing, activists are mounting harassment campaigns at universities.

Community Colleges Less Likely to Implement Layered Notification Systems

- Forget getting the message out, experts say redundancy is key.

Safely Connecting Computing Devices

- How a network access control solution is helping a university safely connect new kinds of computing devices and operating systems.

Campus Safety

- A bill (H.R. 2342) introduced by Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) would establish a National Center for Campus Public Safety. The center would train public safety agencies and their partners on campus crime issues and increase cooperation between law enforcement and mental health agencies. The center would be tasked with collecting and disseminating information about best practices in campus safety as well as developing protocols to prevent, respond to, and recover from emergencies on campuses.

Changes In The Classroom

- Security education has changed since 9-11. Here’s how companies can benefit from these programs.

Social Media

- In two similar cases, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit ruled that students who created unflattering fake MySpace pages that seemed to come from their principals were protected under the First Amendment. The courts ruled that the schools could not discipline the students for activities conducted off school grounds.

Guns on Campus: To Carry or Not to Carry

- After a campus shooting—especially a mass shooting as occurred at Virginia Tech in 2007—there are suggestions that if students or faculty had been armed, they could have defended themselves. Others see the mixture of concealed carry of firearms and campus life as a recipe for disaster.

Volunteers Augment Security

- At one university, volunteers augment the security force during emergencies by joining the crisis coordinator program.

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