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Virgina Tech Panel Recommendations

- On August 29, 2007, the Virginia Tech Review Panel released a large report investigating the massacre at the university that claimed 33 lives, including the shooter. Throughout, the panel made recommendations on how Virginia Tech and other universities could rectify security gaps to minimize the likelihood something like this could happen again. To make it easier for security practitioners to read the recommendations, Security Management  compiled them in one convenient place. To view the recommendations, click here.

Campuses Should Heed Va. Tech Panel Recommendations

- University and college campuses would be wise to review and implement when possible panel's myriad recommendations.

Va. Tech Report: Police Preparedness and Response Outstanding

- University police had mutual aid agreements with other law enforcement agencies and trained and practiced active shooter response plans with local police.

Va. Tech Panel Releases Report on Massacre

- University officials, university police, and mental health system criticized.

Online Security and Preparedness Forum for Virginian Colleges

- While we await the Virginia Tech Review Panel's report on the Virginia Tech massacre due sometime this August, a new online forum has been created to allow Virginia colleges and universities to discuss campus security and preparedness issues. The online forum's creator, the Virginia Higher Education Preparedness Consortium, says it "will improve campus security in Virginia by giving these institutions a central information source.” Only college and university users will have permission to access the forum. To access the Web site, go here.

Iowa - Bullying

- A new law (formerly S.B. 61) requires that all public and private schools develop antibullying programs and take steps to eliminate bullying at schools and during all school functions regardless of location.

School Security

- Read past contributor Guillermo Guevara Penso's new report explaining how he cut down on guard fatigue during shifts at the elite Escuela Campo Alegre. For more Guevara, read his feature Patrolling Performance in the September 2006 issue of Security Management.

Campus Crime

- Check out the latest statistics on criminal offenses on college and university campuses from the FBI.

School Counseling

- In light of the Virginia Tech tragedy, the RAND Corp. provides a tool-kit for school-based mental healthcare for students recovering from a traumatic event.


- Louis Cioffi worked as a part-time social studies teacher and athletic director for the Averill Park Central School District from 1981 to 1999. In June 1999, the school district promoted Cioffi to full-time athletic director. In his new position, Cioffi supervised Kevin Earl, the district's football coach. Over the three years Cioffi supervised Earl, he consistently complained about Earl's teaching methods. In early 2001, a parent complained about disturbing events that occurred in the boys football locker room, including the hazing and sexual assault of younger players by older students. The school district took steps to address the situation, including changing the policy of supervision in the locker room. However, the school failed to relate the hazing incidents to the other parents of the students who had been assaulted. The court noted that sexual assaults in a high school and the possible cover-up by school administrators are certainly within the scope of public interest. Further, while the school board planned to eliminate Cioffi's position before his press conference, the official decision was not made until after the press conference, making the retaliation claim valid. (Cioffi v. Averill Park Central School District, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, No. 04-5593-cv, 2006)

Background screening

- A bill (H.B. 23) introduced in the Hawaii House of Representatives would require background checks on current and future public school teachers as well as subcontractors who work at public school facilities in any capacity.

School Safety

- New anti-bullying statutes in Alaska, South Carolina, and Illinois.  New emergency management plans in Virginia and Ohio.

School Safety

- Bullhead City is one of the cases discussed in a Department of Justice guide to innovative approaches to school security undertaken by schools and communities.

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