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Tagging RFID's Privacy Problems

- A new bill introduced by California State Senator Debra Bowen (D-Redondo Beach) would restrict the use of information collected by radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.


- The Legislature of West Virginia has approved a bill (H.B. 4101) that will make it a felony to create more than 14 fake bar code labels with the intent of stealing from retailers. Perpetrators face a sentence of up to two years in prison.

From the Archives: How Should Malls Address Terrorism?

- A Security Management article from July 2003 examined how Israel protects its shopping centers from terrorist attack.

How Should Malls Address Terrorism?

- Studying shopping center security in Israel can help U.S. malls develop contingency plans for quickly elevating their security posture.

Counterfeiting Exposed: Protecting Your Brand and Customers.

- Targeted to owners of intellectual property, including brands, trademarks, patents, and copyrights, the book explains what they can do to protect themselves from counterfeiters. The advice includes something for just about everyone.

The Retail Manager's Guide to Crime and Loss Prevention

-  Retail loss prevention measures are equally important to mom-and-pop stores and major retail chains, but smaller operations may lack the resources to hire a full-time security professional. Here, author Liz Martinez focuses on smaller and less sophisticated retailers that have little or no corporate loss prevention support.


- The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has issued two ergonomics guidelines, one for the retail grocery industry and the other for poultry processing plants.

Jargon Watch: Shrinkage

- The difference, in inventory, between what a retailer's records indicate should be in a store, a distribution center, or the entire inventory system, and what is actually located in physical counting or through sampling and estimations.

Rising Trend of Fraud, ID Theft

- More than 635,000 complaints were made in 2004 to Consumer Sentinel, a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) complaint database. Of these, 61 percent represented fraud, and the remainder identity theft.

Mission to Mitigate

- The loss prevention manager is a retail company's employee in the trenches, assessing and mitigating risk.

The Retail Loss Prevention Officer: The Fundamental Elements of Retail Security and Safety

- The heart of the book details the fundamental elements of a retail loss prevention program. It considers internal and external investigations, audits, and special issues such as dealing with criminal justice agencies.

A Diverting Practice

- Are your product diversion tactics legal?

Retail Workers Don't Plan Thefts

- A study of U.K. retail theft incidents found that most were unplanned crimes of opportunity at the cash register.

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