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Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention: An Encyclopedic Reference

- Retail Crime, Security, and Loss Prevention is poised to become the authoritative security reference for the retail industry.

Organized Retail Theft

- The FBI and the retail industry have joined together to form the Law Enforcement Retail Partnership Network (LERPnet) to fight organized retail theft. LERPnet allows retailers to report and to share information with each other and the FBI in a secure and confidential manner. Check it out here.

Personal Information

- Consumers are getting jitters over sharing personal information with retailers. More than half of Canadians surveyed resist automatically providing personal information such as their name, address, and phone number when asked by retailers, according to a Canadian government report.

Attention Shoplifters

- Information-sharing and action-oriented partnerships are helping retailers thwart organized retail theft activities.

Retailers Face Deadline for Securing Web-facing Applications

- Retailers that accept payment cards have until the end of the day to comply with a new requirement that secures a company's web-facing applications.

Car Talk Back

- A car dealership in New Jersey solved its theft problem and increased sales with a monitoring system that tells intruders to leave.

State Legislation: Wisconsin: RFID

- A bill (A.B. 488) introduced in the Wisconsin Assembly would prohibit the sale of consumer goods equipped with RFID tags unless the seller renders the tags inoperable before the consumer takes possession of the items.


- Discover the shocking amount of money that shrinkage costs the retail industry in the first-ever survey of its kind.

Store Losses Studied

- Despite billions spent to curtail it, retailers' losses due to shoplifting, fraud, and administrative errors continue to mount.

U.K.: A New Device Stops Youth Loitering and Ticks Off Civil Liberties' Groups

- The Mosquito, an anti-loitering device, delivers a high-pitched squeal only audible, for the most part, to those under the age of 25.

Retailers in the U.K. Need Better IT Security Strategy, Report Warns

- Deloitte says, "only 20 percent of respondents said they have a formally defined information security strategy."

Retailers Fight E-Fencing

- The Internet is becoming the venue of choice for criminals who want to fence their stolen goods for more profit than on the street.

Tools for Preventing Counterfeiting

- The United States has recently proposed a new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement. Assuming the treaty gets ratified, the key to its effectiveness will be for it to receive enough funding from the participating governments.

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