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Teaming Up on Loss Prevention

- How loss prevention teams can help retail stores cut losses in lean times by having them focus on specific operational issues, such as high-end items left unsecured.

Security Goes Underground

- A mall in Venezuela protects patrons and parking attendants through video surveillance and a two-way communication system.

Planning for Disaster

- In today’s global business environment, almost every company is at risk of supply-chain disruption from a man-made or natural disaster, though most won’t be as severe as last year’s earthquake-tsunami in Japan. While companies can’t control events, they can minimize the fallout their brands suffer with proper contingency planning.

Flea Market Operation Nets $800,000 Worth of Counterfeit Goods

- Agents seized more than 6,200 items worth $825,570 in a sting targeting vendors who sell fake merchandise at flea markets.

Checking Out Security Solutions

- How technologies are helping retail security and loss prevention teams deter thieves.

Employee Theft:The Largest Source of Shrink in North America

- Employee theft was regarded as the greatest shrinkage problem by retailers in North and Latin America. It's also growing worldwide, according to the Centre for Retail Research’s Global Retail Theft Barometer for 2011.

NRF: Most Retailers Rely on Background Checks

- The NRF says their survey shows that criminal history is important to employers when screening employees -- adding this to its list of reasons for opposing the “ban the box” movement.

New Threat Arises in a Flash

- Though most flash mobs are harmless, some groups are capitalizing on the craze to commit robbery.

Convenience Store Group Raises Awareness About Credit Card Skimming

- Convenience store association says credit card fraud via information skimming has become rampant, and it is trying to fight back by educating retailers.

Flash Mobs: An Emerging Threat to Retailers

- Multiple offender incidents, styled after flash mobs, are an up-and-coming threat to retailers. This week the National Retail Federation released results of a July survey it administered to gauge the impact.

Italian Guns to be Manufactured with RFID Technology

- RFIDs that are intended for inventory control raise privacy and other concerns among gun owners.

Two Reports Examine Trends in Organized Retail Crime

- Reports from the National Retail Federation and the Government Accountability Office look at the size and nature of the organized retail crime problem and examine the success of some of the efforts to combat it.

Online Community Helps Police and Businesses Nab Crooks

- A social network of law enforcement and loss prevention professionals known as CrimeDex is helping police identify the criminals who prey on businesses and end their crime spree. (Coverage from ISC West)

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