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Uncovering Smart Solutions

- Six Sigma is a process that can help security teams add value to the company’s bottom line. Learn how a pharmaceutical company used it to reduce product returns.

Online Pharmacies

- One estimate suggests that there were over 36,000 rogue Internet pharmacies in operation as of February 2014, and these rogue sites violate a variety of federal laws, according to a government report. The report also discusses the substantial challenges investigating and prosecuting those involved with rogue Internet pharmacies, which are often complex, global operations.

Catching the Counterfeiters

- What makes drug counterfeiting particularly challenging is that it can be difficult for consumers to figure out whether a pill or medication is the real thing.

New Standards for Drug Couriers

- The National Transportation and Logistics Association wants to regulate last-mile couriers of prescription and over-the-counter drugs, but smaller companies question whether participation is worth the cost.

Prescription fraud

- Besides the effect that drug abuse can have on family, business, and friends, prescription fraud bilks Medicaid and insurance companies out of rightful payments. When doctors and pharmacists are duped, it taints their reputation and may expose them to legal or professional sanctions. A recent addition to the Problem-Specific Guide Series of the Justice Department's Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS) explains the problem of prescription fraud and identifies tactics, offenders, and abused drugs. It also helps communities deal with their local prescription-fraud problem.

Did You Know That?

- BioShield is a U.S. government initiative that finances the stockpiling of drugs and vaccines against bioterror agents. A survey of 30 experts in biomedical research or drug and vaccine development, however, indicates that BioShield doesn't do enough to engage the private sector.

RFID: A Primer

- This 39-page document, from The National Academies Press, provides an overview of RFID technologies and applications, and it outlines common objections, such as privacy concerns, and responses--including strikes, boycotts, and protests against businesses such as Benetton that have decided to implement RFID.

Drug Tracking Heats Up

- Ongoing efforts to track pharmaceuticals along the supply chain.

Drug Makers’ Protection Prescription

- Pharmaceutical companies in Puerto Rico join forces to prevent terrorism and prepare for crisis.

Pharmaceutical Crimes

- RxPATROL is a Web-based open-source database of pharmaceutical crimes that any registered members of law enforcement, private security, and the pharmacy industry can use.

Smart Solutions To Security Problems

- Cracking down on prescription drug theft via an incident database, coupled with Crime Stoppers tips.

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