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Morning Security Brief: Cell Phone Records, Social Media, Tracking Chemicals, Hurricane Preparedness, and More

- Police in the U.K. routinely extract and store information from suspects’ mobile phones. Infographic: Solving crime with social media. Peru to track overland chemical shipments using GPS. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Possible Chemical or Biological Attack at U.S. Embassy, .Gov Sites Used for Phishing Attacks, and More

- Sweden’s white powder scare last week has been classified as “spreading a poison or virus.” .Gov sites being used for phishing scams. Social media leads to a break in the investigation of the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi. And more.

Justice Department Announces Efforts to Secure the Voting Process

- The Justice Department has announced that it will implement its usual efforts on Election Day to make sure voters aren’t intimidated at the polls and their votes are counted accurately.

Morning Security Brief: UK Identity Plan Questioned, Drug Dog’s ‘First’ False Positive, Shooting Victim Dumped at Hospital

- A security engineer says the UK’s plan to use social media to verify identities encourages people to be “lazy about protecting their online identity.” A drug detection dog alerts to a man’s anus, but there’s nothing there. Surveillance cameras catch a car dumping a shooting victim at a hospital. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Secret Stop-And-Frisk Recording, Morten Storm, Anti-Terror Law, and More

- Secret stop-and-frisk recording. Danish man says he worked with intelligence to kill al-Awlaki. Danish journalists say new anti-terror law would threaten press freedom. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Public Health Preparedness, NYPD Gang Unit Doubles, Postcards Sent With SSNs, and More

- The CDC publishes a report on public health preparedness among the states. The NYPD doubles its gang unit to help monitor social media. The University of Chicago apologizes for postcards sent with SSNs. And more.

Creating Cultural Monsters: Serial Murder in America

- Law enforcement personnel, sociologists, and criminal justice majors will find this book valuable and educational, as well as an excellent reference guide.

Social Media and Criminal Organizations

- In the social media world, individuals are encouraged to readily serve up personal data about where they are, who they are with, and when. But cartel members who use Facebook or similar social sites, for target selection can easily exploit this information to establish behavior patterns.

Security Metrics

- See an example of how a security department can come up with reliable and consistent metrics for security. The first step was to develop categories into which incidents could be recorded.


- Find out how Philadelphia’s City Center District helps coordinate police activities with business interests to reduce crime and make the city more attractive to businesses and tourists.

Creating Public Support for SARs

- A survey indicates several hurdles to public reporting of suspicious activity, including a basic understanding of what to report.

Morning Security Brief: Chavis Carter Autopsy, Mexican Airport Security, Venue Sued After Patron Injured in Brawl, and More

- Chavis Carter death ruled a suicide. Mexico City airport cops reassigned. A patron is suing a venue after being injured in a brawl. And more.

Protective Operations: A Handbook for Security and Law Enforcement

- Author Glenn McGovern introduces the concept of protective operations as a continuum, ranging from situational awareness, at its most basic level, to protective details, safe houses, and new identities, at its increasingly complex levels.

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