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Drug Dogs

- Two cases involving the use of dogs to sniff out narcotics are before the U.S. Supreme Court. In the cases, the Court will determine the circumstances under which dogs outside a home can be used to detect drugs inside a private residence and what credentials are necessary to prove that a drug dog is properly trained.

Fusion Centers

- State-based intelligence fusion centers, partially financed by the federal government, have largely been a failure, according to a congressional subcommittee investigation.

Coming Soon: A New Security Force for Mexico

- A new 10,000-member security force will be deployed to Mexican regions where violence and instability is greatest.

Morning Security Brief: Adam Lanza’s Hard Drive, Vaccination Team Killed, Crime Reporting App, and More

- The FBI is piecing together Adam Lanza’s hard drive. A vaccination team has been killed in Pakistan. A theft reporting app has been unveiled. And more.

Morning Security Brief: FTC Eyeing Apps for Children, Wanted on Pinterest, Sikh Hate Crimes, and More

- The FTC finds that 60 percent of apps for kids are sending information to advertisers or software companies. Police in Pennsylvania serve 57 percent more warrants after a reporter launches a mug shot Pinterest. Sikhs want the FBI to track hate crimes against them, too.

Changes Coming to Hate Crime Reporting

- The new bias categories of gender and gender identity will be added to future hate crime reporting data.

Sovereign Citizens Interfere With Police Traffic Stops in Nevada

- Sovereign citizens in Nevada are using mobile phones to summon fellow sovereigns to routine traffic stops to document the situation with video cameras and, according to one retired police chief, intimidate police officers.

Morning Security Brief: Unfit For Duty, Confrontation at Sea, Dead Men’s DNA, and More

- A Florida newspaper’s investigative project reveals a wide range of misconduct among the state’s police and corrections officers. One Coast Guard member is dead after a confrontation with smugglers off the coast of California. Illinois police look to build a database of executed inmates to help solve cold cases. And more.

FBI Teaching Industry to Protect Trade Secrets

- The FBI is teaming up with North Carolina's Research Triangle to help educate industry on how to prevent trade secret theft.

FBI Releases Data on Slain Officers

- The FBI’s Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted report, released Monday morning, includes narratives of how each officer was killed and a database that organizes each incident by state, weapon used, and about 45 other criteria.

Morning Security Brief: Navy SEALs Punished, Police UAVs, LAPD Loses Excessive Force Suit, and More

- Navy SEALs punished for leaking classified information. Stroke victim wins excessive force lawsuit against LAPD. See the different UAVs law enforcement uses. And more.

Morning Security Brief: UAV Integration, Taser Mishap, USC Shooting, and More

- UAVs get closer to integration into domestic airspace. A police officer is suspended for using a stun gun on a child. USC uses its alert system to protect students after a Halloween night shooting. And more.

Supreme Court to Hear Drug-Sniffing Dogs Case Today

- The Court will hear oral arguments on whether judges can issue search warrants for private homes when drug-sniffing dogs gives a detection alert when outside the home.

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