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Security Succeeds with Collaboration

- Public-private partnerships between the Boston hotel industry and public law enforcement have grown during the last decade through information sharing and the building of trust.  

Surveillance Laws Need to Be Updated, Says FBI General Counsel

- The rapid advancement of technology has had a positive impact on law enforcement, but it also poses enormous legal challenges because the U.S. has “old laws,” according to Andrew Weissman, general counsel to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI). He spoke at the American Bar Association Standing Committee on Law & National Security luncheon in Washington, D.C. today.

Morning Security Brief: Dorner Gets $1 Million Bounty, Horsemeat Scandal, Social Media Software, and More

- LAPD offering $1 million for information on rogue officer. Britain’s food fraud scandal. New software mines social media. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Federal Reserve Hack Ramifications, Overhauling Bail Determinations, and More

- The hacking of the Federal Reserve could have long term ramifications, warns a security researcher. Conference of Chief Justices discuss need for better way to set bail. A Washington, D.C. task force creates an anti-bullying program for agencies that work with kids. And More

Court Rules Homeowner’s Association Can Enforce Rules Using Private Security

- To stop people from speeding the neighborhood, an Illinois property owner’s association established a 25-mile-per-hour speed limit throughout the neighborhood and created its own security department to enforce the rules within property limits.

Google Releases Transparency Report

- Google received more than 21,000 requests for information on more than 33,000 users in the last six months from governments around the world.

NYPD Testing Its First Gun-Detecting Body Scanner

- The NYPD is testing a new device it hopes will help officers see firearms through clothing. Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly hopes future versions of the device can be mounted on police vehicles or worn on officers’ belts.

Prison Guard Faces 20 Years for Beating Inmate to Death and Trying to Cover It Up

- A former Alabama prison guard faces 20 years in prison for charges surrounding the beating of an inmate who later died from his injuries.

Morning Security Brief: Unattended Weapon, ‘Smart’ TASER, 787s Grounded, and More

- Security guard leaves weapon in bathroom at middle school. The newest model of TASERS contains black box-type features. The U.S. grounds all 787s. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Nonlethal Ammunition, Drone Pilot Promotions, Preliminary Hearing on Holmes Shooting, and More

- A new non-lethal ammunition. Drone pilots get promoted less than their traditional counterparts. Prosecutors to present evidence against the Aurora shooter. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Longest File Sharing Sentence, Facebook Threats, Inauguration Security, and More

- Longest file sharing sentence to date handed down. A man is charged with making interstate threatening communications for a Facebook post he wrote while in Rome. Inauguration security plans reviewed. And more.

Morning Security Brief: Drone Documents Denied, Drunk Passengers Cause Emergency Landing, Gun Background Checks, and More

- A U.S. judge denies access to drone strike documents. A flight is forced to land after drunk passengers try to storm the cockpit. FBI sees a record number of firearms background checks. And more.

Morning Security Brief: German Police Can Turn Off Mobile Networks, 500 Percent Increase in Child Body Armor Sales, and More

- A new law in Germany gives police power over wireless networks. One company sees a 500 percent increase in sales of bulletproof items for children after the Newtown shooting. Police in the UK say they can reduce bike thefts just by adding a sticker a bike’s frame. And more.

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