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The Terrorist-Criminal Nexus

- In The Terrorist-Criminal Nexus, Dr. Jennifer L. Hesterman presents the reader with a well-written catalog of the various terrorist factions presently active in the world. A colonel who has retired from the U.S. Air Force, the author has studied these groups in depth.

Fraud Analytics: Strategies and Methods for Detection and Prevention

- This quick read offers an introduction to employing analytic tools to correlate and analyze large amounts of data. This book is an excellent over­view of using those tools to discover fraud. The book is not complicated by the overuse of technical terms; it is user friendly.

Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive Approach

- Author Arthur Arway brings the reader into the world of supply chain security by looking at the why, the what, and the how in Supply Chain Security: A Comprehensive Approach.

Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, 3rd Edition

- Author Rory McMahon began his career as a probation officer in 1973 and he hasn’t stopped since. Today he is a successful investigator in the private sector and his book, Practical Handbook for Professional Investigators, displays his expertise.

Shopping and Crime

- While it is primarily focused on United Kingdom issues, much of the content will be of interest to the international reader.

Resisting Corporate Corruption: Cases in Practical Ethics from ENRON through the Financial Crisis, 2nd edition

- More than just a historical account of operational, regulatory, and ethical failures, this work attempts to explore the “whys” behind the deleterious decisions and the motivating needs of those involved.

How to Conduct Internal Investigations: A Practical Guide for Human Resource Professionals

- There are four parts to the book: prevention, employment law, investigation, and documentation.

A Fierce Domain: Conflict in Cyberspace, 1986 to 2012

- This book sturdily lives up to the billing on its jacket as “the first history of twenty-five years of conflict in cyberspace.”

Disaster Recovery

- The police, firemen, and other first responders have left, and you are taking stock of the emergency that has befallen you, your organization, or your family. What now?

European Security in NATO's Shadow: Party Ideologies and Institution Building

- Author Stephanie Hofmann offers a fresh look at European party ideologies that make a difference depending on one’s perspective on global issues.

Convergence: Illicit Networks and National Security in the Age of Globalization

- The current problem of networked transnational organized crime and the continued threat it poses to global stability are carefully outlined in this book.

Cyber Crime, Security and Digital Intelligence

- This original and creative book describes the risks to data and systems—from inside jobs to complex external attacks—and presents some defensive strategies.  

Take Down: Inside the Hunt for Al Qaeda

- Primarily the book focuses on events after 9-11 including the development of the CIA’s Threat Matrix, which brings current threats into an understandable form for analysis.

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