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Cybersecurity: Public Sector Threats and Responses

- Author Kim Andreasson provides an over­view of how government agencies and other public-sector groups can use the Internet without introducing unnecessary risks to their constituents.

Learn About Security Metrics, Data Analytics, and Visualization of Security Operations

- Join Martin Drew, CPP, of iView Systems for a May 22 Webinar on applying advanced data analytics to identify significant variations from the “norm” and to quantify regions of risk. Drew will be joined by Dean Correia, Emeritus Faculty, Security Executive Council. They will also discuss Industry research related to incident reporting.

Morning Security Brief: De-anonymizing Cell Phone Data, New Virus Concern, and More

- It's not so easy to compile cell phone databases that can be used without revealing the original sources. A new virus appearing across the country locks victims computers and makes them think it's been done by the Department of Homeland Security or the FBI and can't be unlocked until they pay a fine. A look at decriminalization of drugs in Portugal twelve years after the change in policy. And more.

New Trends in Cyber Threats

- For a few hundred dollars in start-up money and a few hundred more a month, anyone can buy the tools and services they need to build and run a malicious botnet. That's just one of the reasons the cyberlandscape is so hard to police.

RSA Conference Speaker Lauds IT Security Advancements

- Security industry professionals have made tremendous headway in developing and improving secure technologies over the past few decades. Creating more sophisticated methods of authentication, combating malware and spam, and battling the threat of cybercrime head-on are just a few of the advancements in the industry lauded by Scott Charney, corporate vice president of trustworthy computing at Microsoft. He spoke on Tuesday at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, California.

Behind the Numbers

- Actions companies took in 2012 to protect sensitive information.

White House Issues Executive Order on Cybersecurity

- President Barack Obama has issued a much-anticipated Executive Order on cybersecurity.

Morning Security Brief: Concerns about European Cybersecurity Strategy, Estonian Cybersecurity, Border Security, More

- Concerns are being raised about the European Commission's new cybersecurity strategy. Estonia is the poster child for cybersecurity. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano says insistence that the border be secured before immigration reform is a flawed argument. A new GAO report says that the FCC was lax in security control for the Enhanced Secured Network Project.

Presidio Combats Fraud with IronKey

- One bank’s effort to improve transaction security.

Protecting Against Cyberthreats

- Threats to the infrastructure are both real and growing. These insiders discuss the nature of the threat and what can be done to mitigate it.

Protecting Children’s Privacy Online

- A proposed rule would limit the ability of companies to track and collect children’s online information.

Editor's Note: Innovations to Ring in the New Year

- A look at how some security companies are innovating to improve designs and services.

Data Breach

- An appeals court ruled that healthcare customers who suffered identity theft may sue the company after laptops containing customer data were stolen. The company argued that the customers had no standing.

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