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Emergency Preparedness

- In testimony before a Senate committee, RAND researcher Arthur Kellermann explained that preparedness programs are the key to quick, organized response to catastrophic events.

Bombers, Hijackers, Body Scanners, and Jihadists

- Some may not recall airports before 9-11, and even those who do may not be familiar with how we got from there to where we are now. Billie Vincent explains how in Bombers, Hijackers, Body Scanners, and Jihadists and makes some informed projections regarding where we might be headed in the future

Preparedness: Results and Concerns

- The Boston Marathon bombing shows the value of emergency response planning but federal funding cuts may affect future capabilities nationwide.

Morning Security Brief: UN Deal on Syria, iPhone Hacker, Biometrics Exit Program, and More

- The United Nations Security Council's permanent members reach an agreement on Syria, iPhone hacker gives an interview, a Senate subcommittee discusses a program that would use biometrics to track when those on visas leave the U.S., and more.

Morning Security Brief: More Details Emerge about Navy Yard Shooter; Obama Orders Review of Security Clearance Process; And More

- More is being learned about the chain of events leading up to the deadly Navy Yard shooting; President Obama calls for a sweeping review of the security clearance process; and the European Network and Information Security Agency issues a mid-year threat landscape report on global malicious cyber activity. Plus news about how authorities are dealing with gangs.

Morning Security Brief: Navy Yard Shooter's Clearance Under Scrutinty, Child Predator App, Private Security Patrols, and More

- Just how a person with as many red flags as Navy Yard Shooter Aaron Alexis received clearance to work as a federal government contractor is under investigation. At the same time, a Pentagon inspector general report on related but different contractor vetting issues cites problems with vetting that did not catch felonies. A child predator app is now available for the public to help law enforcement. FBI crime statistics show violent crime up slightly. Private Security patrols are expanding in Oakland, California, neighborhoods. DHS Inspector General issues report on border agents' use of force.

Morning Security Brief: Navy Yard Shooter Had Pattern of Misconduct, ACLU Releases Report on FBI Abuse of Power, And More

- Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis acted alone and has a record of abusing firearms, the ACLU has released a report on the FBI's abuse of power after 9-11, and Colorado's oil and gas infrastructure has been damaged by the region's floods.

FBI Seeks Public's Help in Washington Navy Yard Shooting

- The FBI encourages the public to go to to look at the picture of shooter Aaron Alexis and call 1-800-CALL-FBI if they have any information.

Military Contractor from Texas Identified as Dead Suspected Shooter in Washington Navy Yard Rampage

- Twelve people are confirmed dead from a shooting spree that began this morning at the Washington Navy Yard. One shooter is dead. Another is suspected to still be at large, reports CNN.

Morning Security Brief: Agreement on Chemical Weapons, FISA Court Opinions to be Aired, and DHS Use of Social Media Criticized

- Negotiations over the weekend have ended with an agreement as to how Syria will hand its chemical weapons over to international peacekeepers. The White House has been ordered to declassify legal opinions issued by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. The Department of Homeland Security is using social media improperly, according to a government report.

New Technology Could Help First Responders Save More Lives

- New radar-based technology will help first-responders find survivors buried deep in rubble after a disaster such as an earthquake.

Against Security: How We Go Wrong at Airports, Subways, and Other Sites of Ambiguous Danger

- In this book, Professor Harvey Molotch argues that the government is worrying about the wrong things, and wasting huge amounts of money in the process. With a focus on post 9-11 events, he suggests that while significantly more security measures are in place, most people do not feel safer, and it is even arguable whether we are indeed safer.

Morning Security Brief: Diplomatic Security, TSA Adds Banned Items Feature to Mobile App, iOS Security, And More

- An independent panel recommends that the State Department make diplomatic security a higher priority, the TSA adds a search capability to its mobile app for passengers to search banned items, Apple iOS gets a new access control patent, and more.

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