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"Superbug" Fears Remote, But Swine Flu Fitter Than Other Strains

- Researchers experimenting with various flu strains in ferrets found no evidence that a supervirulent hybrid flu strain could arise but did discover that swine flu outcompetes other flu strains, reports the University of Maryland Newsdesk.

Fake Medicines Require Global Remedy

- International cooperation is necessary to combat the illegal global trade in dangerous counterfeit and substandard pharmaceuticals, panelists argued at an American Enterprise Institute event.

Experts Divided on Stockpiling Medicine as Flu Season Approaches

- The New Scientist asked 60 experts whether they are taking personal precautions as the autumn flu season approaches.

Drug-Resistant Swine Flu Arises and Then Dies in Danish Patient

- A drug-resistant strain of swine flu appeared in a Danish patient and then apparently died out before the infection could spread.

Taking the Trauma Out of Security

- When a new approach to psychiatric ward security caused resentment between security and clinical staff, a security training and shadowing program fostered teamwork and improved performance.

Dynamic Swine Flu Threat Will Persist Through 2010, Experts Say

- The U.S. public health sector faces the monumental challenge of administering two separate flu shots per person this coming winter, not to mention as many as three per child, according to a top vaccinologist.

Hackers Compromise 160,000 Student Healthcare Records at Berkeley, Mills College

- Hackers broke into the computer databases of the University of California-Berkeley's health services center, compromising about 160,000 student health records, including 3,400 students from Mills College.

Swine Flu Infections Rise to 245; U.S. in "Upswing," CDC Says

- The total number of people with confirmed swine flu infections climbed to 245 yesterday in 35 states as laboratories caught up on a backlog of lab tests, the Associated Press reports.

Healthy Data Security

- Mobile devices can cut costs and improve healthcare, but they also dramatically increase the potential vulnerability of personal patient information. Learn how healthcare providers are adapting technological solutions to their needs.

Pandemic Expert Sets Record Straight on Swine Flu for CSO Roundtable

- Speaking with ASIS International's CSO Roundtable this morning, a disaster epidemiologist discussed the swine flu scare while advising organizations how they can ready themselves if infections strike their employees.

Map: Swine Flu's Spread

- Biomedical research Henry Niman's Google map showing swine flu's spread across the globe.

Pandemic Planning: From the Archives

- In light of the current flu outbreak, and with the first death in the U.S. now reported, it's worth taking a look at this September 2008 article on pandemic planning by Mario Possamai from the archives of Security Management.

Problems with Pandemic Monitoring

- Fearing that the West will take bird flu data but withhold resulting vaccines, Indonesia is holding on to its monitoring results.

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