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Hospital and Healthcare Security, Fifth Edition

- The fifth edition of a classic text,  with updates and revisions based on the changing landscape of hospital and healthcare security.

Virtual Healthcare

- One medical facility improved access and security by replacing traditional desktop computers with virtual desktops accessed through thin clients.

A New Plan for Biodefense Innovation

- A venture capital enterprise investing in high-risk research could help drive innovation in vaccine manufacture and delivery.


- The National Biosurveillance Integration Center was envisioned as a fusion hub for intelligence on biological threats, but the U.S. Government Accountability Office finds common obstacles (.pdf)—technology and bureaucracy—have hindered its progress.

The Only Kind of Identity Theft That Could Kill

- Medical identity fraud isn't only incredibly expensive, it could be the only kind of identity theft that could kill.

Hospitals Should Band Together Before The Next Crisis Hits

- A new report from the Center for Biosecurity recommends that every hospital in the country make common cause and form healthcare coalitions.

Healthcare Coalitions

- A recent report on healthcare catastrophes emphasized the need for healthcare providers, like providers in other sectors, to form regional planning coalitions to ensure continuity during major events (.pdf).

Partnering for a Healthy Response

- Healthcare facilities in regions around the country are forming regional coalitions to better prepare for emergencies.

Healthcare Coalitions

- The healthcare industry, like other sectors, should form regional planning coalitions of service providers to ensure continuity during catastrophic health events, according to the Center for Biosecurity of UPMC.

Picture of Health

- A new surveillance system helps Southside Medical Center offer succor in a secure environment.

India: Prime Minister's Security May Have Led to a Death By Slowing Access to Hospital Services

- The visit of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to a hospital convocation on Tuesday is alleged to have led to the death of a desperately ill man, after Singh's security detail blocked the car holding the man from entering the hospital gates.

Clinic Ups Security Due to Anger Over Swine Flu Vaccine Shortage

- A health clinic in Terre Haute, Indiana, is bolstering its security for fear swine flu vaccine shortages could lead to unrest.

Trial of Man Who Allegedly Killed Hospital Security Guard Begins

- A trial in Springfield, Missouri, that began yesterday underscores the dangers that hospital staff and security face regularly in the emergency room.

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