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An Introduction to Security and Emergency Planning for Faith-Based Organizations

- Hawkins succinctly addresses the security concerns of religious institutions and houses of worship in this introductory text.

From Top to Bottom

- Find out how security at Boston's Prudential Center works toward its goal of providing a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for tenants, customers, residents, and visitors.

Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Surveillance Systems

- Get an exceptional understanding of modern video surveillance from Intelligent Network Video.

ASIS Report Tackles Preventing Burglaries at Businesses

- While burglary rates continue to slide internationally, the crime continues to victimize businesses disproportionately more than houses, according to a new CRISP report.

Lessons for Layering

- Having multiple layers of security without a clear strategy can create complexities that increase, rather than reduce, vulnerabilities. Here's what you need to know to avoid such problems.

Robbery Risk Reduction

- Banks seek ways to remain open for business without being a place where robbers can bank on easy money.

Baker Saves Dough

- A national bakery chain found that sending alarm signals using IP technology rather than landlines led to significant savings.

Choosing the Right Antiterrorism Crash Barrier

- The proliferating threat of vehicle-borne bombs means vulnerable facilities need to choose the right antiterrorism crash barrier to protect their buildings and human life. (Online Exclusive)

Premises Liability

- A university student who was assaulted in a parking garage cannot sue the school because the attack was not foreseeable, according to an appeals court ruling. The student, who was attacked by two armed men in a parking garage on campus, sued the school for negligence, claiming that the lack of security and safety precautions led to the attack.

21st Century Security and CPTED: Designing for Critical Infrastructure Protection and Crime Prevention

- Crime prevention is all in the design, argues Randy Atlas, in this highly accessible and learned book on CPTED.

Race for Iraq Oil Stalled by Security Fear

- Security concerns and high start-up costs are making multinational companies wary of investing in Iraq's newly-opened oil industry.

CCTV Reclaims Public Housing Complexes in Newark

- A $5 million investment in a sprawling video surveillance system by the Newark Public Housing Authority has driven away drug dealers, prostitutes, and vagrants from the city's public housing complexes, reports Newark's The Star-Ledger.

Visualizing Safer Evacuations

- Two new tools may help people get out of a building quickly and safely during an emergency.

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