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Surprise: No-Notice Emergency Drills Can Expose Companies to Liability

- Surprise emergency drills may seem like the best way to gauge employee readiness, but they may also lead to liability, explains SM Associate Editor Laura Spadanuta in this month's podcast.

Seminar Speaker Spotlight: Joseph Smith--Active Shooter and Force-on-Force Advancements in Simulations

- Security simulation expert Joseph L. Smith discusses how virtual simulations can help facilities and organizations cost-effectively prepare for the worst.

GAO Finds Facility Security Committees Undermine Security at Federal Buildings

- The committees responsible for making security decisions at federal buildings do not have the security knowledge necessary to choose the appropriate measures to safeguard their facilities, according to the Government Accountability Office.

Security's Sweet Spot

- When it bought and renovated a former candy factory, Novartis built layered security measures into plans.

Companies Purchase Terrorism Insurance at Increasing Rates

- The percentage of U.S.-based companies that have purchased terrorism insurance is at its highest level ever, according to a new market survey.

DHS Adopts ASIS's Private Sector Resilience Standard

- The Department of the Homeland Security yesterday adopted ASIS International's Organizational Resilience Standard as part of a program designed to voluntarily bolster the resilience of private organizations during man-made and natural disasters and emergencies.

Federal Building Security

- The Federal Protective Service is falling short on monitoring the ability of its guards to protect federal buildings, according to a report released by the Government Accountability Office. The government watchdog found once again that its investigators could sneak guns, knives, and fake bombs past contract security guards.

Plan to Prevail

- By creating a crisis management plan, security managers can help ensure that employees know what to do when danger strikes. (Online Exclusive)

High-Rise Security and Fire Life Safety, Third Edition

- Geoff Craighead's third edition is even better than his first two editions of this highly reliable reference book.

An Introduction to Security and Emergency Planning for Faith-Based Organizations

- Hawkins succinctly addresses the security concerns of religious institutions and houses of worship in this introductory text.

From Top to Bottom

- Find out how security at Boston's Prudential Center works toward its goal of providing a safe, secure, and welcoming environment for tenants, customers, residents, and visitors.

Intelligent Network Video: Understanding Modern Surveillance Systems

- Get an exceptional understanding of modern video surveillance from Intelligent Network Video.

ASIS Report Tackles Preventing Burglaries at Businesses

- While burglary rates continue to slide internationally, the crime continues to victimize businesses disproportionately more than houses, according to a new CRISP report.

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