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Governance of Security Systems: A Handbook for Designing and Implementing a Security Program That Will Protect Your Business

-  This compact book is a primer on security management and explains how to develop a risk-based security program that encompasses training, intelligence, investigations, auditing, and more to protect infrastructure, personnel, and information.

Mega-Crises: Understanding the Prospects, Nature, Characteristics and the Effects of Cataclysmic Events

-  Mega-crises are not a new phenomenon in human history; however, advances in mass communication and other technologies bring the news of disasters to billions of people much more quickly.

Lax Lab Safety

-  Recent incidents of mishandling anthrax and bird flu samples at government labs have raised concerns about what safety violations are occurring at other high-containment laboratories.

Leave the LEDs On

-  As companies seek to cut their energy consumption, security embraces LED technology to keep the lights on longer for a lower cost.


-  Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories studied high-value heists of the last three decades to discover principles for designing security systems to protect vital assets. Their conclusions are reported in The Perfect Heist: Recipes from Around the World.


-   Recent incidents involving hazardous anthrax and bird flu samples at government laboratories have raised concerns about safety violations that might be occurring at other sensitive labs. A Government Accountability Office publication, High-Containment Laboratories: Recent Incidents of Biosafety Lapses, explores the latest incidents at high-containment laboratories and discusses the importance of a national standard for operating the facilities. The report found that there is a continuing lack of oversight and assessment in high-containment labs, which may contribute to future safety lapses.

Heating Up The Perimeter

- Cox Enterprises turns to thermal imaging cameras to secure its critical infrastructure.

Let Intelligence Light The Way

- An effective in-house intelligence function helped one utility company identify, evaluate, and mitigate existing threats and vulnerabilities.


- When an art school goes up in flames, evacuation plans become crucial.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Third Edition

- This book touches on most of the areas security professionals handle every day: schools, parking lots, airports, housing areas, banks, and service locations are likely candidates for criminal activity.

Blended Training for Six Sigma

- How to educate members of the security team on using the Six Sigma process.

Access Control’s Future Is Now

- A look at how access control standards are evolving, new technologies to consider, and some futuristic applications that are emerging now.

The Trends On Top

- Protecting high-rise buildings depends on new technologies, but security practitioners must also consider the basics of safeguarding any building, including risk management, training, emergency preparedness, access control, and customer service.

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