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Russia's Oil Bust

- Russia emerged as a big player in world oil markets a decade ago, but now it’s struggling to maintain production. It could hamper the Kremlin’s foreign policy in years ahead.

Congress Looks Into Electrical Grid Security

- Lawmakers fear the nation's electric infrastructure is vulnerable to a devastating cyberattack.

Russia's Oil

- Oil exports have brought prosperity and international status to Putin’s Russia. The oil boom may not last much longer, say experts at Alfa-Bank, Chatham House, International Energy Agency, and the Council of Foreign Relations.

Digital Cameras Protect a Local Utility

- A rural electric cooperative gets wired to a state-of-the-art security system

Identity Theft

- Find out how the Energy Department is preparing to prevent and respond to nuclear attacks in the United States.

Influenza Planning

- New guidance is out to help the electricity sector respond to an influenza pandemic.

Nuclear Vulnerabilities

- A Department of Energy internal report finds that the agency has failed to protect critical nuclear assets.

Explosions Rip Through Mexican Oil Pipelines

- Five pipelines hit, no injuries reported.

Background Screening

- The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has issued a final rule requiring that those who have access to nuclear safeguards information - defined as sensitive, unclassified, security-related data - be fingerprinted and undergo an FBI criminal records check. Under the rule, those who have completed a background check within the past five years or who have an active security clearance need not be rescreened at this time. The fingerprinting requirement is required under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and is effective immediately. The NRC is currently working on a more comprehensive rule addressing the other issues set out in the act. The upcoming rule will address issues such as security precautions to preserve the integrity of safeguard information and how often employees must be rescreened. Read the rule.

Target: Middle East Oil

- Protecting Middle East oil amid increasing political instability and increasing demand.

Contingency Today

- Last fall, Global Energy Infrastructure Security 2006 was held in the United Arab Emirates, and, in January, the Security for Energy Infrastructure 2007 Global Summit built on the previous conference. Eminent speakers from around the world talked about prediction, prevention, and response to terrorist threats, among other topics.

Utilis Energy

- Offers an updated and revised report, 'Energy Infrastructure Security 2007, Protecting staff, assets and operations from sabotage and potential terrorist threat.' It explores modeling infrastructure security risk and provides information on security measures to combat it, with case studies of actual and potential energy sector terrorism.

Energy Security

- What are the challenges protecting to energy assets and infrastructure? Energy Business Reports explains with security recommendations to counter the risk.

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