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DHS Cuts Chemicals from Security Risk List

- The agency amended its original list of chemicals to regulate due to industry pressure.

DHS Releases "Chemicals of Interest" List

- Companies holding these chemicals beyond a certain quantity will have to submit to DHS' Top-Screen, an online risk assessment tool.

Distilled Protection

- One chemical manufacturer discusses how it protects its facilities.

Quick Bytes: The chemistry of security

- The American Chemistry Council’s Chemical Information Technology Council has released a guidance document “to educate and inform member companies, customers and the public” about cybersecurity concerns.

Chemical facilities

- A bill (H.R. 5695) introduced by Rep. Daniel Lungren (R-CA) that would require that the DHS categorize dangerous chemicals as substances of concern has been approved by the House Homeland Security Committee. It is still pending in the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Cyberthreats at Chemical Plants

- A new guide from the chemical industry informs companies about cybersecurity concerns.

Chemical facilities

- A bill (S. 2145) introduced by Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) that would enhance security at chemical facilities has been approved by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and the Senate has agreed to consider the measure.

Chemical Security

- Chemical facilities are making progress. Find out which ones have dramatically reduced the risk of harm from hazardous chemicals. (CAP’s Preventing Toxic Terrorism: How Some Chemical Facilities are Removing Danger to American Communities and the National Research Council’s Terrorism and Chemical Infrastructure: Protecting People and Reducing Vulnerabilities are both available at SM Online.)

A Clear Shot at Chemical Plant Security

- Cyber war games, US-visit evaluated, and chemical plant security concerns.

Chemical Security

- The Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Act of 2005 calls for security to be increased to protect against terrorist attacks at chemical facilities.

Chemical Facilities

- Chemical plant security  continues to be found wanting. Problems are being examined in congressional hearings and by the GAO.

Business News

- A wrap-up of industry awards, deals, and contracts. Plus, ASIS anounces the “Power of Certification” winners and the Foundation advances the rights of victims.

Will Every Rat Have Its Day?

- Can wasps, moths, pigs, and rats be as useful as dogs in detecting dangerous chemicals? Researchers say yes.

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