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Top 10 Security Industry Private Investments for January


Top 10 Performing Security Industry Stocks for January


The Rewards of PCI Compliance

- Small firms are less likely to be PCI compliant than larger organizations and are at a greater risk of data theft.

You Won’t Get Skimmed Again

- Payment card fraud can be completely eliminated, says security expert. (Reporting from ISC West 2010)

Morning Security Brief: Bank Crime Stats, Airport Security Wait Times, and Whole-Body Scanners

- Only 4 percent of bank crimes are violent, says FBI; Government wants to track your personal device at airport to assess wait times; and whole-body scanners at airports could become compulsory.

Top 10 Security Industry Private Investments for December


EU Wants to Try Again on Data-Sharing Agreement with the United States

- European Union interior ministers want to negotiate a new agreement on sharing bank data with U.S. counterterrorism investigators, after the European Parliament struck down an interim deal earlier this month, according to

Investing in Privacy

- Barclays Bank PLC launched a comprehensive data privacy program after a government report cited them for leaving customers' personal data in waste bins outside of their facilities.

CIA Human Lie Detectors Moonlight for Corporate America

- Some of the CIA's best and brightest have the opportunity to moonlight their unique talents to the highest bidder in the private sector, reports Politico.


- A couple may pursue a lawsuit against their bank for negligent security after a hacker broke into the couple’s online account and stole thousands of dollars, a federal appeals court has ruled. The court allowed the suit to proceed, finding that the bank’s lax security procedures could have led to the theft.

Top 10 Security Industry Private Investments for November


Top 10 Performing Security Industry Stocks for November



- In its first decision on federal whistleblower protections, a federal court has ruled that two employees who were fired after reporting that their employer may have committed fraud may pursue their lawsuit. The case lays out the requirements that plaintiffs must meet to pursue a retaliation case under the whistleblower provision of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

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