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TWIC Compliance Starts Today; Critics Angry Card Readers Not Deployed

- Today marks the national compliance day for TWIC, but some stakeholders are angry card readers are not being rolled out with ID cards.

Not Enough Port Workers Have TWIC Cards, Prompting Fears of Port Slowdown

- Not enough port workers across the United States have signed onto the federal government's beleaguered and controversial identification card program, prompting fears that trade will suffer as workers are denied entry to secure port areas. (Updated)

Port of Long Beach Fusion Center Opens

- The Port of Long Beach, California, opened its new $21 million command and control center for port security yesterday, completing a project conceived immediately after the terrorist attacks of 9-11.

TWIC Noncompliance Could Close Ports, Industry Rep Says

- Major West Coast ports could shut down next spring if enough workers fail to acquire and carry the new Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) card by April 15, 2009, a trade association official told stakeholders at the Maritime Security Expo Wednesday.

DHS Will Not Meet 2012 Deadline to Scan All Cargo

- Concerns that scanning costs too much, hurts trade, and intrudes on foreign countries has sunk DHS' ability to scan 100 percent of incoming cargo to the United States by Congress' 2012 deadline.

Nuclear Scientist, GAO Question Effectiveness of Next Generation Radiation Detectors

- DHS' next generation of radiation detectors are not cost-effective and may not provide greater detection capability than those already in use, say critics.

Outlook for Container Scanning

- The government is unlikely to meet the 2012 deadline for scanning cargo containers headed for the United States, but the law allows for two-year extensions.

Port Financing Shows Potential

- The Port of Houston is adapting the idea of a business district as a way to find matching funds for homeland security port grants. It offers a possible model for other localities in search of funding solutions.

Cargo Security

- DHS will likely need to ask for a deadline extension, given the difficulty of meeting the congressional mandate for 100 percent import cargo container scanning by 2012, according to congressional testimony.

Port Public-Private Partnerships

- Officials in Harris County, Texas, home to the Port of Houston, are pursuing a novel approach to fund port-wide security, specifically the local matching funds required by federal Port Security Grant Program awards. The Texas legislature has authorized establishment of a self-governed management district that could levy supplemental property taxes, solely for funding matching requirements.

GAO Finds Problems in Supply Chain Security Practices

- The GAO says CBP must address three issues to ensure that private partners are meeting their port security requirements in return for reduced scrutiny and faster processing of their cargo shipments.

Probing Ports' Murky Depths

- A new sonar array installed at a port in New Hampshire monitors underwater areas for suspicious activity.

Highlights from ASIS Security Conference

- A former British Army intelligence officer's analysis of the counterterrorism policies of southeastern nations was among the presentations given on the first day of ASIS International’s second Asia-Pacific Conference in Singapore Tuesday.

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