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Behind the Numbers

- Primary reasons companies aren't adopting pay-per-use hosting of virtual servers.

Behind the Numbers

- Forrester Research, Inc. asks what are the top IT priorities for small and mid-size businesses.

Zero Trust Model

- Information security professionals should readjust some widely held views on how to combat cyber risks, according to a new Forrester Research report.


- 54 The percentage of people who feel guilty or hold themselves responsible for falling victim to cybercrime, according to Symantec’s Cybercrime Report: The Human Impact. Slightly more respondents, 58 percent, reported feeling angry; 65 percent of the 7,000 global computer users polled said they had been victimized by some form of cybercrime.

Virtual Healthcare

- One medical facility improved access and security by replacing traditional desktop computers with virtual desktops accessed through thin clients.

Be Smart About IDs

- Two takes on the implementation of smart card access control systems.

Behind the Numbers

- Barriers that U.S. states face in achieving IT security.

Banks Beef Up End-Users' Security

- By offerring free browser security software to customers, one bank improved safety across the board.


- 73 The percentage of small and medium-sized businesses victimized by cyberattacks in the past year, according to Symantec’s 2010 Global Information Protection Survey. Thirty percent of those attacks were deemed somewhat/extremely successful.

Worth a Look: Identity Finder

- Scared firewalls and other computer defenses won't fend off identity thieves? Identity Finder may offer you peace of mind that your personal information is secure.

Get Smart About Protecting Phones

- Companies should have adequate policies and technical controls to secure smart phones in the workplace.

Behind the Numbers (Click for Chart)

- The Ponemon Institute reports the average estimated cost of cybercrime per company by sector. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Behind the Numbers

- The time lapsed before an IT threat is detected by a company.

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