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Behind the Numbers

- Confidential data loss and exposure top the concerns over cloud computing.

Laptop Tracking

- The inexpensive software program known as Prey can help locate missing or stolen laptops and other portable devices.  

Worth a Look: Prey

- Prey's tracking software can cost-effectively hunt down lost and stolen laptops and Android smartphones.

Securing the Smart Grid

- Companies should be aware that smart grid technology, while innovative, could also be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Behind the Numbers

- Auction fraud has drastically fallen over six years while identity theft has slowly climbed, according to cybercrime complaints. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Laptop Tracking

- An inexpensive software program can help locate missing or stolen laptops and other portable devices.  

Behind the Numbers

- Only 23 percent of chief information security officers report directly to the CEO or the board of directors. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


- 86   The number, in thousands, of laptops missing or stolen in the past year from 329 organizations polled by the Ponemon Institute and Intel Corporation.

Worth a Look: VaporStream

- VaporStream takes message security to the next level for even the most privacy-conscious customer.

Data Breach Preparedness Plan

- An integral, but often overlooked, part of any corporate data security plan is caring for customers after an incident.

Cloud Security and Compliance Basics

- Understanding the types of services and security cloud computing providers offer is key to meeting compliance goals.

Behind the Numbers

- Compliance overtakes security concerns as the primary reason for encrypting data. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------  


- 27 The percent of companies that suffered from data theft last year, according to the latest Kroll Global Fraud Report, which polled about 800 international executives.

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