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Behind the Numbers: Top Five Risk Priorities of Large Companies

- Securing mobile devices ranks as the top priority of large companies, according to Forrester Research, Inc.  

Baking in Strong Privacy Controls

- Successful privacy programs take a business-oriented, risk-based approach and have C-suite support.

Identity Theft

- The number of identity fraud victims in the United States decreased by 28 percent to 8.1 million last year, according to Javelin Strategy & Research. Still, the cost to victims increased, mainly due to the types of fraud that occurred.


- 28 The percent drop in the number of fraud victims last year, compared to 2009, according to a Javelin Strategy and Research report. Victims fell to about eight  million, down three million from the year before. But out-of-pocket costs for those victimized rose significantly last year, according to Javelin, as criminals are shifting to more damaging, harder-to-detect attacks.

New Targeted Advertising Risks

- A rise in lawsuits aimed at advertisers tracking consumers' buying-habits online has made it even more important for companies to pay attention to what they allow advertisers to do on their Web sites.

Kodak Develops Risk Framework

- Executives at Eastman Kodak use a new tool to visually display risk, making threats easier to understand.

Behind the Numbers

- Confidential data loss and exposure top the concerns over cloud computing.

Laptop Tracking

- The inexpensive software program known as Prey can help locate missing or stolen laptops and other portable devices.  

Worth a Look: Prey

- Prey's tracking software can cost-effectively hunt down lost and stolen laptops and Android smartphones.

Securing the Smart Grid

- Companies should be aware that smart grid technology, while innovative, could also be vulnerable to cybersecurity threats.

Behind the Numbers

- Auction fraud has drastically fallen over six years while identity theft has slowly climbed, according to cybercrime complaints. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Laptop Tracking

- An inexpensive software program can help locate missing or stolen laptops and other portable devices.  

Behind the Numbers

- Only 23 percent of chief information security officers report directly to the CEO or the board of directors. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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