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CHART: Cyber-Risk Control Practices of Top Management

- How boards & senior executives are managing cyber risks.

Encryption Critical in Healthcare

- Encryption technology, as well as security protocols and safeguards, are crucial to protecting patient data and complying with regulatory standards.

Developing a Cybersecurity Staff

- The federal government can improve its cybersecurity capabilities through more targeted hiring and training of a cybersecurity work force, but that’s easier said than done.

Consolidating Authorization

- Helping companies consolidate the network access and authentication process.

Social Networking Sites Assist Investigations

- As more investigators use social media, they need to be aware of the legal issues and tread carefully.

CHART: Types of Data Breaches

- Criminals target strikingly different types of data in large and small organizations.

CHART: How Companies Respond to Data Breaches


Worth a Look: iSpy

- Associate Editor John Wagley reviews an inexpensive surveillance application with a breadth of features and controls.

Social Networking Security

- Increasingly, employees expect to remain connected to social networking sites while at work. But these sites represent a growing threat.

Dial “O” for an Open Door

- While a new technology that could turn smartphones into access control devices looks promising, a recent pilot program reveals complications.

Behind the Numbers

- The ramifications of cyberattacks.  

CHART: How Companies Protect Sensitive Information

- Steps companies are taking to protect data.  

Worth a Look: iHound

- An inexpensive application for tracking Apple and Android devices.

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