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Body Imaging

- Iscon Video Imaging of Woburn, Massachusetts, offers a new thermo-conductive infra­red imaging system designed for correctional institutions to deter smuggling of contraband hidden in clothing or glued to the body.

People Screening

- The B-SCAN x-ray people scanning series is designed for prison and other security checkpoint screening applications by Smiths Detection of Morristown, New Jersey.

Baggage Screening

- The Advanced Threat Identification X-ray (aTiX) machines from Smiths Detection of Pine Brook, New Jersey, provide carry-on baggage screening that detects more potential threats. Unlike earlier x-ray systems, aTiX captures multiple views of bags in a single sweep in the normal throughput time.

Explosives detection

- CompactSafeis a new system that is designed to detect solid and liquid explosive residues on the surface of and inside small electronic devices, such as laptops, MP3 players, cameras, and cellular phones.

Cargo screening

- American Science and Engineering of Billerica, Massachusetts, has introduced Z Portal, its second-generation multiview drive-through screening system for detecting stowaways, explosives, and other contraband in cars, vans, and trucks at congested security checkpoints and border crossings.

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