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Complete security solution

- Indianapolis-based Integral Technologies, Inc., has integrated its DigitalSENTRY Network Video Software and Intelli-M PoE control, plus a PoE switch and IP cameras, to make a “pure IT” end-to-end security solution.

Video enhancement software

- DynaPel of Fort Myers, Florida, has introduced the NightView Digital Real Time Video Enhancement System, a software-based solution that virtually eliminates low-lighting problems. It corrects images made in poorly lit, underexposed, or overexposed scenes by balancing the image to show maximum detail.

Video software

- Version 3.1 of the XProtect Central software is now available from Copenhagen-based Milestone Systems. Working with the XProtect Enterprise 5.6 server, it ensures maximum operation of large video surveillance installations.

Mobile Video Monitoring

- CoVi Technologies has introduced Crystal HD v.2.2 software that gives security personnel the ability to access a single stream of video surveillance remotely through a PDA and four simultaneous streams of video surveillance on a wireless-enabled notebook computer.

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