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Computer Monitoring

- Spector 360 from SpectorSoft Corporation of Vero Beach, Florida, monitors employees’ computer use whether they are in the office, traveling, or telecommuting. It records Web sites visited, e-mails exchanged, chats and instant messages, files transferred, documents printed, and applications run.

Security Software

- Lenel Systems International of Pittsford, New York, has added more than 50 new features to its OnGuard software. Release 6.1.222 includes a device discovery tool, which automatically recognizes, configures, and addresses a wide range of IP cameras to simplify installation and configuration.

ID Software

- A new edition of the Datacard Web ID identity information software from Data­card Group helps enterprises manage complex ID programs easily and securely. Version 1.1 includes a new module for first-responder ID programs and supports Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista operating systems.

Network Management

- The i-Pro WV-ASX400 is a new software package from Panasonic System Solutions Company of Secaucus, New Jersey, that offers enterprise-level management capabilities on a networked platform. The software accommodates up to 1,024 cameras, 128 recorders, and 64 decoders.

DVR Software

- New video controller software from Panasonic System Solutions Company of Secaucus, New Jersey, is designed to interface with Panasonic digital video recorders and two new LCD displays.

Analytics Software

- Bosch Security Systems, Inc., of Fairport, New York, has introduced the latest version of its Intelligent Video Analysis software. IVA 3.5 builds on the company’s Intelligent Video Motion Detection with enhanced video content analysis capabilities, including color filtering that allows object color or color combinations to be set as a detection criteria.

Lock Software

- Videx, Inc., of Corvallis, Oregon, has released CyberAudit-Web Professional, a new version of the original CyberLock software for mid-sized companies with up to 500 Cyberlocks and 500 electronic keys.


- Arxan Technologies, Inc., of Bethesda, Maryland, has launched a new cryptographic key protection technology. TransformIT enhances software security by preventing tampering and hacking attacks that target keys used within software applications.

Retail Software

- ADT Security Services of Boca Raton, Florida, has introduced NaviStor 7.0, an upgrade to its Retail Expert suite of business intelligence solutions. The new release features immediate transaction information in customizable and flexible formats so users can identify suspicious activity more quickly.

Monitoring Software

- Hong Kong-based TeleEye has released a new version of Central Monitoring Station Software (CMS V3) for its RX video recording servers and NX network cameras.

Wireless Design

- Inovonics Wireless Corporation of Louisville, Colorado, has issued a new version of the EchoStream Software Development Kit. SDK 1.5 simplifies the interface between third-party software applications and the EchoStream wireless product portfolio.

Badging Software

- Secura Key of Chatsworth, California, has upgraded its SK-EZ/ID Access Control Badge Printing Software. Now Microsoft Vista compatible, the software includes client and server versions, allowing users to create and print badges simultaneously from multiple workstations with full-color images and text.

Monitor Calibration

- JVC Professional Products Company of Wayne, New Jersey, has introduced Monitor Calibration Software, which helps DT-V professional monitor users to adjust color temperature, gamma curves, and luminance levels to accommodate specific application needs.

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