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- IndigoVision has introduced Camera Gateway, part of release 5 of its video management software SMS4.


- IndigoVision has launched SMS4, release 4, management software, to continually assess a video system’s operation and safeguard evidential chains.


- DVTel, Inc., of Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, has expanded its Mobile Applications capabilities to include support for the Apple iPad and iPhone, along with Android and Micro­soft Windows phones. The complimentary application allows us­ers to change the viewing pattern with a single touch, control pan-tilt-zoom cameras, integrate video analytics, review playback of re­corded video, and start and stop re­cord­ing. Integration with Google Earth further increases productivity by pinpointing an incident’s location on a map and zooming in on alarms.


- The Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) platform from Verint Systems Inc. of Mel­ville, New York, collects information from multiple security and public safety systems—including access control, video, intrusion, and fire systems—and allows system management from a single location. When integrated with Nextiva Video Management software, users can collaborate, correlate, and analyze information to determine appropriate responses.


- The Dallmeier Mobile Video Center is an iPhone application that enables mobile access to DVRs, NVRs, servers, and cameras over an iPhone. New from Dall­meier electronic GmbH & Company of Reg­ensburg, Germany, it has typical iPhone intuitive operation, including multi-touch zoom, and picture resolution is freely selectable.


- D3 Security Management Systems, Inc., of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, has introduced a knowledge management system, the D3 Security Intelligence Portal.


- Jetico of Helsinki, Finland, has released enhanced utilities that ensure enterprise­wide control to encrypt data or permanently delete files.

Map-Enabled Video

- Genetec of Montreal, Canada, has developed a map-based command-and-control feature for its Omnicast IP video surveillance system. Using the Plan Manager, operators can create and integrate maps into the surveillance system.

Incident Management

- NaviGate by Lauren Innovations of New Philadelphia, Ohio, is a Web-based critical information system. The new version 5.0 features a new user interface, document and incident management capabilities, and enhancements to the emergency and learning management modules.

Mobile DVR Access

- Speco Technologies of Amityville, New York, makes it possible for users to view live video on an iPhone. The Speco­View iPhone App accommodates video from the company’s TH-Series, TL-Series, and WM-Series digital video re­cord­ers (DVRs). Recorded files from the DVRs can also be viewed.

Video Management

- IndigoVision of Edison, New Jersey, has released SMS 4, its ONVIF-conformant security management system. The new release includes Control Center 4.2 video management software and updates to the company’s network video recorders. The system integrates storage, access control, analytics, and other security systems, and ONVIF standardization means customers can use third-party IP cameras.

Incident Reporting

- New activity and incident reporting software from PatrolTrak of Gran­ville, Massachusetts, makes documenting daily site security activities and incidents quick and easy.

Incident Management

- PPM2000 Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, Can­ada, and Brivo Systems LLC of Beth­esda, Maryland, have integrated their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications so that select access control events can be passed to an incident-reporting system for documentation, analysis, and follow-up.

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