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Helping Employees Cope

- Managers can use assistance programs to help victimized employees avoid trouble and stay focused on their jobs.

Changing of the Guards

- Discover how a security guard company implemented a program that increased profits, improved customer satisfaction, and earned some employees a raise in the process.

Caring for Patients

- How one medical center created an ambassador program within its security ranks to enhance customer service and create a career path.

Managing Big Egos

- Companies seeking confident and charismatic leaders might unwittingly invite narcissists into the workplace.

Measuring Guard Performance

- By developing a program that grades security officers on how they carry out their duties and rewarding good performance, a school raised standards and morale.

When Employees Vent

- Companies need to understand the legal constraints they face regarding negative comments about them that employees may post online.

Tailored Training

- Security managers must set up a training plan for various types of employees and then establish a tracking system to ensure that the program is working as intended.

Building a Strong Staff

- A quality hiring and training program can help security managers build and retain a top-notch staff.

Providing Service to Improve Security

- By setting clear expectations, explaining policy, being aware of corporate culture, and conducting training, managers can provide better service and improve security.

Fostering Awareness

- While implementing and maintaining security policies and technologies is critical, companies should not overlook the importance of security awareness training.

Keys to Fraud Prevention

- Security can take the lead in spearheading a fraud-prevention program, which should have three components: governance, implementation, and compliance.

Adapting to Change

- A good executive peers into the future to anticipate change and manage or even take advantage of attendant risk.

Who Handles Your Cash?

- Before contracting with a cash-in-transit firm, companies must be aware of the basic features offered and whether the vendor has solid business practices.

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