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- By taking steps to incorporate resilience into the corporate culture, managers can make their companies more robust.

How to Recruit and Retain Quality Security Employees

- One of the greatest challenges for any security director is finding and retaining the right people to fill security positions. The keys to success are to know how to attract and interview candidates and then how to engender loyalty among those who join the team. ONLINE EXCLUSIVE


- A new joint forces facility in North Carolina houses several state agencies under one roof.


- How one hospital developed an aggression-management training program for nonsecurity staff that includes ways to help staff spot early signs of trouble and accurately document incidents.


- By developing good data and focusing on broader business objectives, security managers can increase the odds of getting funding.

Romancing the Workplace

- Companies can reduce the likelihood of harassment lawsuits stemming from romantic workplace relationships by preventing relationships between subordinates and managers and by having employees in romantic relationships sign Love Contracts.


- One company’s painful embezzlement incident can provide lessons for security managers in recognizing and preventing fraud.

Security Audit Secrets

- Using a simplified version of one of Six Sigma’s two project methodologies combined with its audit tools can generate outstanding results.

Training That's On Target

- A weapons-training program for officers who will be armed should go well beyond the basics both in the classroom and on the range.

A Clear View of Liability

- Surveillance systems must overcome a hierarchy of nine deficiencies to improve their odds of defeating liability claims during lawsuits.

Warning of Workplace Violence

- One company devised a customized workplace-violence prevention program that includes security emergency pull stations, voice verification, and employee training.

Risk Management the Right Way

- Companies must have a plan to ensure that risk management is embraced by the entire organization.


- Security managers can use a project management approach to develop effective, enforceable policies.

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