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Outsourcing the CSO Function

- The pros and cons of outsourcing the CSO function.

Making the Most of Mentoring

- Today’s security professionals need mentoring to move forward meaningfully in their careers.

The Top Five Executive Protection Challenges

- A list of new and emerging challenges in the security industry.

Building an Ethical Culture

- How strengthening a company’s ethics can help it manage the risk of fraud.


- A security operations team can help the company assess vulnerabilities, correct problems, and stay open to new ways of solving problems.


- Learn the most important crisis communications elements to apply before, during, and after a crisis to protect your litigation strategy.


- Continuing education options for security professionals include certification programs, mentoring, and specialized training.

Criminal Records Restrictions

- As the list of state and local laws related to ex-offenders continues to grow, companies must thoroughly assess whether they are complying with legal restrictions.


- Managers should have a comprehensive contingency plan in place to deal with potential labor disputes.


- Employers must be aware of the requirements of immigration law, the penalties for violations, and how to create a robust compliance program.

Situational Awareness

- Security officers in the hospitality industry need specialized training to deal effectively with intoxicated or belligerent patrons.


- By following certain procedures, businesses can understand their rights and obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act and better manage employees who are disabled, injured, or ill.


- Embezzlers don’t always fit a profile, so companies should establish basic procedures that apply to all employees who have access to company funds.

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