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Anti-Ram Barrier

- Ameristar Fence Products of Tulsa, Oklahoma, has announced that its Stalwart anti-ram barrier system was recently tested and approved to the ASTM F2656 standard. The addition of the new M50/P1 (K12) rating helps customers design a complete perimeter security solution to tackle multiple vehicle threats.

Barrier Wall

- The Patriot M50 Passive Barrier Wall offers cost-effective design and minimal installation time plus vehicle-arresting strength. Made by Patriot Barrier Systems of Waldorf, Maryland, the wall does not require a full-length concrete foundation, so it won’t interfere with underground infrastructure.

Senstar Corporation


Crash-rated Barriers

- APT Security Systems of Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom, offers a range of street “furniture” that is designed for security. The crash-rated cycle stand, shown here, can withstand the impact of a 7.5-metric-ton vehicle at 40 miles per hour.





"Green" Barriers

- Delta Scientific of Palmdale, California, now offers more than 50 hydraulic barriers, barricades, bollards, and crash gates that can be run manually or on FDA-approved vegetable oils.

Perimeter Security

- SmarterFence is a fiber optic intrusion detection system that is designed to protect facilities by alarming any attempt to cut or climb a perimeter security fence.

Perimeter Solution

- Southwest Micro­wave of Tempe, Arizona, has introduced the new­est-generation INTREPID intelligent perimeter-detection sensors, offering an integrated, multitechnology solution to address diverse outdoor perimeter threats.

Perimeter Protection

- Future Fibre Technologies of Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia, has launched a zone-based per­imeter protection system that is designed to deliver low cost of ownership while offering leading protection technology.

Ingersoll Rand Technologies


Boon Edam, Inc.


Perimeter Security

- The RAVEN is a new vehicle-arresting system from Engineered Arresting Systems Corporation of Aston, Pennsylvania. It resembles a large net that springs from the ground to immediately catch, cradle, and arrest an oncoming vehicle while bringing it to a controlled stop.

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