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Electronic Keys

- Medeco High Security Locks of Salem, Virginia, has improved the capabilities of its Medeco Logic keys by developing a technology upgrade. Existing users simply change the battery covers on their keys to add the new upgrade, which allows the keys to work with HID proximity and iCLASS technologies.

Modular Key Storage

- Morse Watchmans Inc. of Oxford, Connecticut, has introduced a new modular version of its KeyWatcher Illuminated System. The new design occupies less wall space and offers modules containing slots for keys, credit cards, or lockers.

Visitor management

- Dallas-based DSX Access Systems and EasyLobby, Inc., of Needham, Massachusetts, have developed an integration module that seamlessly integrates WinDSX total access control and EasyLobby’s Secure Visitor Management software.

Keying system

- Indianapolis-based Stanley Security Solutions has introduced the MX8 Patented Keying System for flexibility and convenience without compromising security. A patented side pin ensures that cylinders and cores operate only with the proper key. The system is offered in two series of keyways.

Electronic padlocks

- CyberLock technology from Videx of Corvallis, Oregon, brings key control and an audit trail to padlocks. The electronic padlock cannot be compromised by conventional lock-picking methods, and the CyberKey cannot be duplicated.

Access Control

- Brivo Systems of Bethesda, Maryland, has announced the release of Version 1.0.2h of the ACS OnSite Application, its standalone access control system, which is especially suited for providing security at a single facility, even if that facility houses more than one business.

Video integration

- Honeywell of Louisville, Kentucky, has demonstrated the capabilities of integration between its Vindicator Intrusion Detection System and its Enterprise Network Video Recorder, which expands the value of both systems, allowing custom-ers to monitor more assets with fewer resources.

Transponder key

- SimonsVoss Technologies, Inc., of Franklin, Wisconsin, has introduced a transponder that replaces a mechanical key. A user pushes the button to unlock multiple doors and control a wide range of equipment as authorized by the system administrator.

Lighted key control

- Morse Watchmans Inc. has introduced the new KeyWatcher Illuminated System. The redesigned system offers more storage and convenience with illuminated slots to make it easier to find the proper keys.

Electronic lock systems

- Videx of Corvallis, Oregon, has introduced two new CyberLock systems. EntryPoint is a hardware-only system that requires no programming software. It features a simple but effective electronic lock system with cylinders that cannot be picked and keys that cannot be duplicated.

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